Cleaners share stories of the filthiest houses they've ever seen.

Messy or not, we all have moments when we look around the home and dread the cleaning task ahead.

But what’s the worst it’s gotten? A basket of dirty laundry? A sink full of dirty plates? Maybe a cupboard full of old clothes to sort?

Well, after reading this online thread, we’re here to tell you – that’s nothing.

A Reddit thread has asked maids and professional cleaners to share their worst experiences… and they are pretty damn foul.


 Creepy Clothing

“Go into an apartment building that has NICE (talking new, top dollar apartments) and as soon as we (my partner and I) get to this one apartment, the lady opens the door. Garbage everywhere. Clothes everywhere. Tampons, pads, etc, etc all over the floors. She was young, too, so it didn’t make sense.

Anyway, we somehow manage to clear out the hallway and first bathroom but then there’s the kitchen and living room. I took the laundry which meant picking up clothes and throwing them in bags to be washed….then I saw them. There were f**king maggots on DRY clothes.”

Is moaning about clutter a first world problem?

Brown shower

“Omgggggg I once had to clean the house of an elderly woman that had explosive diarrhea everywhere. It was in the bed, trailed to the bathroom where it covered the floor, all outside surfaces of the toilet, and was sprayed up the shower curtain.

The smell was horrid and it had sat long enough to dry on so it had to be either scrubbed or chipped off of everything. It took a lot of thinking about how I would be homeless if I quit right then and there to not throw my hands up and say ‘hell no’ and walk out.” (Post continues gallery.)


Blue carpet, brown carpet.

“I worked for a carpet cleaning company for a couple years.

(In one house) I pre-sprayed the chocolate brown carpet with our degreaser and walked outside for a quick smoke while my chief got started. About five minutes pass, I walk back in to where she’d started and noticed immediately something was wrong; the carpet is a pearly gray blue in some places.

First thing that popped in my head was that it’d had some sort of reaction to the prespray. Old house, old carpet, maybe a different sort of material than I’ve seen before.

Then it clicked. The chocolate brown colour was from probably decades of accumulated dirt and dog shit. The carpet’s original colour was that gray blue. That old lady had been walking around in filth for years.”

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Luck of the Irish.

"I worked as a cleaner for student housing during summer to pay for a trip to Europe. One house was left [as in just abandoned] by these four northern Irish guys who were musicians. It was filthy.

Urine all over the beds, vomit in cups and all over furniture, sh*t all over the bathroom (in a manner I didn't know was humanly possible), cat sh*t on the floor, maggots in the kitchen, mouldy fish soaked in old dirty water in the fridge. It was just a fucking nightmare. I had to take about three baths to even attempt to rid of the memory.

I am a student and it made me realise how much cleaners have to put up with and how brilliant they are! Some people live in utter filth."

By the short and curlies.

"I worked as a house cleaner for beach rentals for three summers.

There were only two houses that were horrible. The best of the two, we went in and found that everyone who stayed in the house that week decided to shave before they left. The bathrooms were all completely covered with pubic hair. It was disgusting and took forever to clean. (Because it was all still wet.)"

For everyone hiring the services of a cleaner, let this be a good lesson - pay them well, and make sure your house is in a reasonable state to start with!"

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