A cleaner was accused of being the 'other woman'. Her response just went viral.

Libby Denney, a 28-year-old professional cleaner from York, found herself at the centre of a viral TikTok drama after an irate neighbour barged into her client's home and accused her of sleeping with her husband.

The confrontation was caught on video, which Libby posted on her TikTok account, @TheCleanUpCompany

The video spread like wildfire and has amassed more than 40 million views, with many shocked and entertained by the bizarre encounter — and Libbey's epic response.

In the original video, Libby can be seen casually cleaning a home before the unnamed woman storms into the house, shouting at her, "Are you Libby?" When she replies in the affirmative (picking up her her and continuing to record), the woman continues, "Can you just tell me exactly why the f**k you're in my next-door neighbour's house and why your name is now in my husband's phone?"

Watch: Professional cleaner accused of having an affair with neighbour's husband. Post continues after video.

Video via TikTok/TheCleanUpCompany

Libby, visibly confused, explained that the woman's husband had seen her work online, referring to the cleaning videos she posts on TikTok, and wanted to hire her for a deep clean at his mother's house.

But Libby's mention of her "work online" only made the neighbour accuse the cleaning guru of having an OnlyFans account, insinuating that's where Libby and her husband had connected (the platform is known for being used by many people who engage in forms of sex work).


The angry neighbour, who outright accused the cleaner of "hooking up" with her husband, refused to listen to her explanation. She insisted that she cleaned the her mother-in-law's house herself and therefore her husband wouldn't have hired a cleaner to do the job.

"What are you laughing at? What the f*** are you laughing at?" the woman continued, as Libby laughed nervously at the absurdity of the situation she'd found herself in.

Libby told the neighbour that she was married herself, and wasn't "hooking up" with her husband — to which the woman demanded she "prove it" by getting her husband on the phone.

As the confrontation escalated, Libby asked the angry woman to leave, telling her, "I'm gonna give you three seconds to leave or I am going to call the police."

Honestly, it was... a lot. And Libby did a better job than many of us would in a very sticky situation. It's not every day a stranger barges into your work, accuses you of adultery and yells in your face until you feel the need to get authorities involved so...

In fact, the whole incident was so wild, some online didn't believe it was real, and thought the whole thing had been staged.

"I'm concerned about the amount of people that think this is real," one skeptical commenter wrote, while another likened the scene to something from a drama class.

In a follow-up video posted to her TikTok later that day, Libby provided more context, explaining exactly what happened — and maintained that the encounter was "100 per cent real".


"Yes, it was absolutely real. I was in the middle of filming a cleaning video, like I do, and the door just flies open," she explained in her second video.

"This woman came around the corner like a raving lunatic, just the way her eyes were bulging, her hair was all over. I couldn't stop laughing because I was in shock.

"I'm glad I was recording just in case anything did happen," she said.

As she explained, the neighbour's husband had approached her earlier that day after recognising her from TikTok.

"He was interested in the house as it had been vacant for a while. I told him that I was a cleaner and he said he recognised me from TikTok," she explained. 

"He asked if I do deep cleans because he wanted one for his mother. We exchanged numbers so that he had my contact [number]."

@thecleanupcompany Replying to @Ellie Jade Lait ♬ original sound - The clean up company

Despite the heated exchange with the woman, Libby managed to remain composed. 

"I was shaken by how she acted but I don't get fazed by much," she said.

Libby added that she plans to return to the property to finish cleaning the home she was verbally attacked in — but she won't be taking on the accusing neighbour as a client.

"I'll be going back to finish the job, but I won't be taking on the neighbour's mother-in-law as a client," she confirmed.

"I joke that now the video has gone so viral, I'll deep clean his mam's house for free. I think I can live without the client."

Feature image: Instagram/The Cleanup Company.

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