Editor’s picks: Modern takes on old school toys.

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One of the untold joys of parenthood is the opportunity to play with the toys of your own childhood, to indulge your sense of nostalgia.

Toy companies are wise to this, and are constantly issuing modern takes on the old classics – think the new version of the Fisher-Price telephone.

These are my favourite modern takes on classic kids toys.

Fisher-Price Wood Barista Set.

Distract your child while you fix your coffee with their own coffee fix. The Fisher-Price Wood Barista Set is a lovely modern take on the classic tea set.

Let your sons and daughters add a dash of sugar, a little frothed milk and a spoonful of creativity as they role play and use their imaginations. I take a double shot latte, thanks.

Fisher-Price Wood Barista Set. Image: Fisher-Price.

Miniio Miniko doll house.

I am OB-SESSED with this doll’s house. I never had a doll’s house when I was a child. I had friends with doll’s houses and I would make a beeline for them at every available opportunity.

The Miniko doll house is beautiful. It’s based on modern architecture. It’s made from modern materials. It’s pricey, but, you know… I’m going to save up. And maybe I’ll let my daughter play with it too.


Miniio Miniko doll house. Image: Miniio.

Hannah, a rag dolly by Tiger Tribe.

Cuuuuuuuute. Rag dolls are great for kids of all ages, even from pretty young - they’re soft and pudgy and pretty nice to cuddle in bed when you’re little.

I like this modern take on a dolly. Hannah’s striped stockings and flower hair clips are secretly how I wish I could dress.


Hannah the rag doll. Image: Tiger Tribe.

Olga Rocker by Sirch.

What could be more classic than a rocking horse? But other than museum pieces, you’re not going to find a more modern take on a rocking horse than the Olga Rocker, by European toy company Sirch.

Olga Rocker by Sirch. Image: Sirch.

Animal Nesting Dolls by Little Baby Company.

Stacking, nesting, sorting and building; all critical motor skills and developmental milestones. These nesting dolls are a lovely modern take on the traditional matryoshka dolls of Russia. And yes, they snuck their sneaky way into my shopping cart for my 18 month old daughter.


Animal Nesting Dolls by Little Baby Company. Image: Little Baby Company.

Eco friendly wooden spinning top.

Eco friendly wooden spinning top. Image: The Wandering Workshop.

Do you remember spinning tops? I had completely forgotten the joy that is a spinning top until I was shopping for a birthday present for a new baby recently. Spinning tops aren’t really appropriate for new babies, but by golly, a two year old finds them deeply engaging. These tops, from a small Etsy boutique, are super sweet and would suit a modern nursery.

What were some of your favourite childhood toys?

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