ROADTEST: A cult beauty brand just launched a new lip oil so of course, we all had to try it.

Thanks to our brand partner, Clarins

I’m an oil enthusiast. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m Greek and my Papou drilled it into my brain from childhood that olive oil is the secret ingredient to a longer life.            

But anyway, I can’t get enough of the stuff. 

Whether I'm putting generous splashes of oil in my food, or using my collection of facial oils to double-cleanse in my skincare routine, oil really is the secret ingredient I need more in my life.

So when I found out that cult brand Clarins launched a new Lip Comfort Oil, I figured I needed it in my hands (and on my lips) immediately.

HOW JUICY DO THEY LOOK. Image: Supplied.

Before we get into all that oily goodness, let’s have a quick lesson about Clarins, shall we? 

I’ve trialled many of their signature products before and they never fail to deliver as a science-driven, plant-powered skincare brand. But the thing I really love about them is their commitment to Responsible Beauty

Some brands dabble in environmental ethics, but Clarins really gets it. A dollar from every transaction on the Clarins Australia website goes to your choice of three charitable organisations that take action for the planet and its people.

A love of nature and plant-based ingredients are at their core... AND. IT. SHOWS.


Speaking of ingredients, let’s get into these lip oils. 

Let’s start with what Lip Oils actually are. They’re basically a makeup/lip care hybrid offering deep lip care benefits while still giving us that natural, glossy finish.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil incredibly has 93 per cent of its ingredients come from natural origins, including three highly nourishing plant-based oils. 

Ingredients include organic jojoba, hazelnut and the new star ingredient, organic sweetbriar rose oil. This extract helps reinforce the barrier function so lips are protected from external aggressions.

The combination of unique oils also mean your lips will be left feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. After just five days your lips will notice a difference, so you can kiss goodbye to your cracked, dry lips, literally. *Chef's kiss*

The niftiest thing about the new line is that some of the shades have an intelligent pigment found in the colour that reacts to contact with lips and adjusts to their pH by revealing a natural shade suited just to you. Cool, huh?

Whether we're wearing it during the day to complete a makeup look, or even overnight like a little mask for your lips, we put it to the test to see if it lives up to its cult status.


When I say I have dry lips, you're probably like, "so does everyone... get in line at the Dry Lips Convention, please."

No one has soft and pillowy, ready-to-be-kissed lips naturally do they? Well, after trialling the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in several of their 8 shades, I'm convinced that getting those dreamy lips might actually be in within reach. 

You see, this product works HARD. Powered by plant-based ingredients and extracts, my lips felt so nourished after trialling it for over two weeks. 

The Pitaya shade went on like a DREAM. Image: Supplied. When I first got the opportunity to try it, I was beyond excited. I'm one year out from being a Gen Z (I'm 26!) and I've been watching the kids on TikTok do their makeup. The main thing I've noticed is the move away from matte, cakey makeup. The Kardashian's full-glam is over, basically. 


We're now all about switching to more natural makeup looks which means skin tints, cream bronzers and blushes and.. you guessed it: lip oils. I was beyond keen to try it out. I don't currently love when I apply lipstick, it shows cracked lines soon after on my lips and ages me!

When using Clarins Lip Oil, I'm not highlighting that dryness, I'm fixing it.

The Plum shade smelt exactly how you'd imagine. Image: Supplied. I got the shades Pitaya and Plum which are two really bold hues. I don't usually go for a dark berry colour like Plum, but when I applied it, it looked SO natural; something I never thought a purple-y colour was capable of. 


I also loved that on application it was such a sensory experience. When I opened the lid it smelled so delicious and fruity, something that you get subtle tastes of as you wear it. I also love that it wasn't sticky at all, it was so lightweight but still provided the perfect amount of shine. 


I’ll admit it, I have super dry lips. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, it’s a constant struggle to keep my lips looking shiny and nourished. 

So I needed answers: would Clarins Lip Comfort Oil be just another thing that didn’t quite work for me?

After trying it as a night mask for my stubbornly dry lips, I was surprised at how soft and hydrated they felt. I seriously woke up the next morning with a smile on my face, because for the first time in a very long time, my lips looked so much softer and healthy. 

I have the shade ‘Cherry’ - which is a perfect burst of red on my lips! Image: Supplied.  There was also no sticky residue after application (a sticky texture means I usually end up wiping it all off after 15 minutes).

Of course, I’m no expert: just a fiend for my skin, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how much good goes into this lip oil. 


I'm also obsessed that Clarins uses beauty for good, and have provided over 33 million meals to children in need and planted over 525,000 trees; all in a global commitment to children and biodiversity. 

The Lip Comfort Oil has genuinely transformed my lips, and I’m even prouder to own it knowing I'm backing a brand that prioritises such important initiatives and values. 

I wear it on a night out or right before bed - the wearability is extremely versatile. Image: Supplied.  I wear the Lip Comfort Oil night and day – with a full face of makeup or right before bed with nothing but moisturiser on my skin. 

The best part is, while I’ve struggled to find pink or berry shades that actually suit my skin tone, five of the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil shades react to the pH of your lips, adjusting slightly to suit your natural skin and lip tone. Mind blown. I plan on getting all eight shades of it for myself!

Look at that SHOINE! Image: Supplied. It would be perfect for anyone looking for something light but deeply nourishing. 



As a busy single mum of two, I'm a multi-tasking queen and love it when I find products that are as good at multi-tasking as me.

I have notoriously dry lips, which has lots to do with my lack of water intake, but I digress. So, to combat my drier than the Sahara Desert lips I recently switched out my everyday lippy for Clarins Lip Comfort Oil. It's a pigmented lip oil that hydrates and nourishes thanks to a combination of plant-based ingredients and let me tell you: it has been a GAME CHANGER.

Shade 'Apricot', before (left) and after (right). Image: Supplied. I got my hands on the shades Apricot and Strawberry, both of which are subtly scented as they are named. The orange tones in the apricot definitely looked intimidating at first but don’t let the colours in the tubes fool you. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil has intelligent pigment that reacts with your lips to reveal a natural and unique shade for each individual.


If that wasn’t impressive enough the formulation of the lip oil makes it super comfortable to wear without the sticky glue lips feel, reminiscent of the glosses of my childhood days. Because of its non-sticky nature, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is the perfect night-time lip mask for those days you need extra hydration.

Shade Strawberry, before and after. Image: Supplied. I no longer wake up with chapped lips or have to ponder on which lippy to wear with my daily 'no-make up' make up look, now I can just reach for either of my Clarins Lip Oils and the one I choose depends on the scent I feel like rocking that day.

Try the new Clarins Lip Comfort Oil for lips kissed by nature.

Feature image: Supplied/Mamamia.

With 98% of its ingredients providing real lip care, the NEW Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is more natural, offering instant gloss and endless care.