Married at First Sight's Clare Verrall is convinced she knows the winner of The Bachelorette.

Married at First Sight‘s Clare Verrall has shared her pick for who will win The Bachelorette, and she’s so confident, she’s even put money on it.

The 32-year-old posted a photo of her preferred winner to Instagram on Tuesday evening, starting a heated conversation among her fans.

For Clare, who, in fairness, has some first hand experience when it comes to looking for love on national television, Matty J is the obvious choice for Georgia Love.

The real estate agent claims to have guessed Alex as the winner of The Bachelor after episode one, so she’s pretty bloody qualified to share her instincts when it comes to The Bachelorette. 

While Clare says she’s “not a gambler,” she’s put $50 on Matty J for the win.

Her fans however, don’t necessarily agree. One user commented, “it’s much too obvious. I believe he’s being set up to look like the front runner. You know about how heavily edited these things are.”

Indeed, if anyone knows about the power of reality TV editing, it’s Clare. “He will get the broken heart hat in second place,” continued the comment. “Lee for the win if I was a betting lass. They’ve edited him out a whole heap as I believe they don’t want to have another “Sam and Sasha” show. Georgia had feelings from the second she saw that ass. That’s my take on it. Haha. Clearly much too invested.”

Lee does have a face that would be pretty beautiful to wake up to every day. Image via Channel 10.

But another fan has a compelling Lee theory, arguing he's "been purely put on there to be "The Bachelor" for next year, there is absolutely no way he will win."

Others are confident it will be Courtney who wins, speculating "she seems the most interested in him."

But is anyone actually interested in Georgia? Post continues below.

Cam also seems to be a crowd favourite, with many commenters confident he'll make it to the top three.

With only two weeks ago, we'll be watching closely to see if Clare Verrall is the reality TV love guru she claims to be.

Watch Cam and Georgia's epic kiss on The Bachelorette. 

Video via Channel 10