Clare from Married At First Sight opens up about her 'husband'.

Australia fell in love with farm boy, Lachlan McAleer when he went on the reality TV show Married at First Sight earlier this year.

But his former ‘wife’ Clare Tamas says he isn’t actually the nice guy that he portrays to the camera.

Tamas, 37, spoke to New Idea and revealed that her reality show ‘husband’ wasn’t as sweet and wholesome as he appeared on the show.

Clare and Lachlan on their 'wedding' day. Image via Married At First Sight Facebook Page.

Now that he's going to appear on The Farmer Wants A Wife, Clare wants to tell the public about the 'real' Lachlan.

"About the side of Lachlan the rest of Australia didn't see and that she was collateral damage in his insatiable quest for fame," New Idea wrote.

See Lachlan on Current Affair (post continues after the video)...

The Marketing Manager claims that McAleer was just on the reality show to find fame - not necessarily love.

"He turned it on when the cameras were on us, then was either cold or rude or distant," she told the magazine.

She also said that there was no actual break-up after the show finished filming. Apparently, McAleer just ghosted as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

Apparently he just disappeared after the show.

"He told me that I was his dream girl and he'd never had a connection like that before, and yet quickly departed after the last cameras, with no word...Interesting timing isn't it?" she told New Idea.

The 36-year-old farmer has previously appeared briefly on MasterChef in 2010, and will be appearing on The Farmer Wants a Wife later in the year. He has also admitted to getting rhinosplasty (a nose job) but for medical reasons.


So is the country boy from NSW on the hunt for fame? Or is he genuinely looking for love?

Lachlan has started filming Farmer Wants a Wife. Image via @lachiemcaleer Instagram.

Meanwhile, Tamas is selling her Married at First Sight dress on eBay.

She wrote that she was having the auction, "To counter the evil comments made on social media. I decided I really wanted to turn this into something good."

The comments included: "Clare wore black, it’s like she just knew Lachlan would die inside looking at her," and "Why is Clare in black? Is it to match her personality," and finally... "Clare wore black because that’s the colour of her womb."

"It is this last comment  that prompted me to choose my charity auction as the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation," Tamas wrote.

The dress on eBay. Image via eBay.

"Please Share & Support!" She wrote on Facebook.

Do you think Lachlan's looking for love, fame or both?

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