It's officially over for one of the Married At First Sight couples.

Married At First Sight couple Jono and Clare have officially split on Monday night’s episode.

The reveal came at the beginning of the episode, cutting to both sides as they explained the reasons why they thought their relationship had to come to an end.

“I just don’t know how to deal with it,” Jono said as he paced through his bedroom.

Clare described Jono as being childish. “I’ll text him, he won’t text back,” she said.

The experts blamed the relationship breakdown on the communications issues that have plagued the couple since they were first matched.

“They were matched together because they were both very down to earth and genuine people,” one expert said.

Relive that first moment that Jono saw Clare walking down the aisle. Post continues after video… 

The breakup came after an extremely tense scene shot before the couples dinner.


Jono was keen to see if the other couples were having problems and if they were, how they were dealing with it.

Clare had a much more straightforward approach.

“I think we were getting along incredibly well and we were having a really great time and the second we disagreed on something your walls went absolutely up and you gave me nothing from that point on and that really hurt me,” Clare said.

“I don’t just leave as soon as shit gets hard. And as soon as shit got hard, you bailed. You’re exaggerating!” Jono said.

“When you’re in a bad mood or you’re angry about something, I didn’t like what I saw. We struggled to have a conversation without arguing, you know that’s made me over the last few days question if you’re ready for a relationship,” Jono said.

“I think that’s extremely unfair.”

The news comes after it was revealed last week that Jono had secretly been dating another woman before the show.

Clare accused Jono of messaging the other woman, Melbourne-local, Rachel Baxter.

Clare told New Idea that Jono had been messaging Baxter prior to appearing on the show and that communications were exchanged during the honeymoon.

“I know he was in contact with her prior to the show,” Clare said. “It’s a girl he was with for a while and she was contacting him on the honeymoon!”

The anonymous source who previously spoke to Mamamia said that Jono had no intention of marriage but had agreed to go on the show for fame.