"It burned all my hair off, basically." Claire Danes shares her biggest hair regrets.

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Whether it’s a failed home dye job or a tragic butterfly clip obsession, we all have a Big Hair Regret (BHR for short — we’re claiming it now).

Even Hollywood stars get it wrong sometimes — Claire Danes among them.

In an interview for the December issue of Allure magazine, the Homeland star recalled how her quest for curly hair lead to a rather disastrous outcome.

“My hair is desperately straight. I’ve always wanted curly hair. I got a perm when I was eight. Burned all my hair off, basically, but I still loved it,” she said.


Watch: Sam Frost looks back on her own hair tragedies of years gone by. (Post continues after video.)

There’s another hairy moment that makes Danes cringe — and it’s also taught her to stay far, far far away from hair extensions.


When asked for the worst beauty advice she has ever received, Danes replied, “To get extensions—that’s terrible beauty advice. I had them for a role, on Stardust. I lost such a huge percentage of my hair.”

Hair woes aside, the 36-year-old actress and mother also named the beauty products she always has in her makeup bag. Drum roll please… “Tinted moisturiser, a light foundation, a blush, a lip stain or gloss,” she explained.

And the one thing she simply must do before a date or big event? It’s something she’s quite particular about. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Pluck[ing] my eyebrows. I love plucking. I’m quite fastidious about that. I get very anxious when there’s a rogue hair,” the Emmy winner said.

Danes’ obsessive plucking habits won’t come as a surprise to her husband, actor Hugh Dancy — she explained there isn’t much in her beauty routine that he hasn’t witnessed.

“I’m afraid my husband has seen it all. We just pretend we haven’t.”

Ah, romance.

What is your biggest hair regret?