Cindy Crawford just turned 50 and she's got no more time for make-up.

Cindy Crawford‘s just turned 50, but her face is still smugly, conventionally, youthfully attractive.

Yes folks, it’s true: women can be beautiful after 50. I know, I was amazed too!

The internet has been lauding Cindy on being 50 and looking nice all day long. “Flawless”, read the headlines. “Fresh-faced” and “Radiant!”

Here is the picture that everyone’s so proud of Cindy for.

First day at 50. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! ????•

A photo posted by Cindy Crawford (@cindycrawford) on Feb 21, 2016 at 7:01am PST

The fact that her face is smooth and wrinkle-free and indeed, radiant, makes it beautiful and miraculous. You know, though, some women over 50 who don’t care for carefully lit selfies and oxygen facials (they’re a thing, I swear) are also beautiful, such as Saramai. Behold.


Check out the hashtag #WrinklesAreMyStripes for more excellent women of Instagram who have wrinkles and aren’t afraid to show them.

Watch Cindy talking about how “sad” you’d look at 50 with a tattoo back in 1991…