Yes, the children of Cindy Crawford look exactly like you would expect.

With a supermodel as a mum, there was no doubt that Cindy Crawford’s kids would be genetically blessed but the family resemblance is kooky.

Proud mum Cindy Crawford posted a picture of her kids — Presley and Kaia — pulling a Blue Steel on Instagram.

“Just hangin out with @kaiajordan and @presley_gerber,” the 48-year-old captioned the image.

Presley, 15, has mum’s trademark mole above his lip, and Kaia, 13, is the spitting image of Cindy. While Cindy has put her daughter’s modelling career on hold (for now) Presley has created an Instagram account solely for photos of his sister Kaia.

“My sister and I started getting some insta picks goin so check out [sic],’ Presley said directly his ‘fans’ to another Instagram account, which currently has over 1,300 followers.

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