Cindy Crawford's daughter looks exactly like Cindy Crawford.

The term ‘spitting image’ has a new meaning.

With a supermodel as a mum, there was no doubt that Cindy Crawford’s kids would be genetically blessed. But the family resemblance between Crawford and her children – Kaia and Presley – is just plain scary.

Kaia, 13, and her brother Presley, 15, are as obsessed with social media as you’d expect any famous teenagers to be,  and they post a lot of photos of their ridiculously attractive selves posing with other, equally as attractive famous people. As you do.

Presley, 15, has mum’s trademark mole above his lip, and Kaia, 13, is the spitting image of Cindy. Kaia’s already nabbed a magazine cover – she was the Teen Vogue cover girl for December last year – and we’re expecting it won’t be too long before she’s racking up enough magazine spreads to rival her mum, especially since her Instagram feed is already full of really, really ridiculously good looking selfies.

Seriously, check it out. Post continues after gallery. 

Kaia and Presley aren’t the only famous children who look like their parents – funny that. From Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, to Reese Witherspoon’s 15-year-old Ava, the similarities are crazy.

Click through the gallery for more celebrity children look a-likes.

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