The CIA just asked the world to 'take a peek into their X-Files'.

They’re known for their secrecy and high-level security, yet America’s Central Intelligence Agency has jumped on the X-Files bandwagon by releasing some previously declassified documents, detailing UFO sightings.

Yesterday, the CIA posted to their blog, 10 previously declassified documents from the ’40s and ’50s. Although these documents have been available to the public for a while, this is the first time the CIA have posted about them.

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In a statement on the site, the agency said, "The CIA declassified hundreds of documents in 1978 detailing the Agency’s investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects."

"To help navigate the vast amount of data contained in our FOIA UFO collection, we’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting."

In keeping with the X-Files theme, the agency split the files into five 'Mulder would love to get his hands on' and 5 'Scully would love to get her hands on'.

Scully and Mulder in The X-Files.

Mulder's files include a document detailing Oscar Linke, a 46-year-old German farmer who reportedly saw a flying saucer land in a forest clearing. In the report he stated, "the object surrounded by a ring of flames, was now a certain number of feet above the ground."

Also included in Mulder's files are minutes of a CIA Branch Cheif's meeting on UFO's from 1952 and reports of flying saucers over Spain and North Africa.

Scully's files also include half-century old records on flying saucers, including minutes from CIA meetings.

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, the truth is out there.

You can read the CIA's blog post, along with the full list of documents here.