This Christopher Pyne Star Wars parody will make your day.

Christopher Pyne is The Fixer. Just ask him.

Huw Parkinson, producer of ABC’s Insiders, has created a hilarious parody of our Minister for Education and Training, Christopher Pyne, claiming he is “the fixer” on Sky News last week.

Mr Pyne was adamant that his “tinkering” with the Higher Education Reform proposal (geddit? Cos he’s a fixer?), would ensure the bill would pass in the Senate.

It did not. Fixed it was not. (Yoda would be proud of that one…)

Poor Chris. It’s surprisingly hard being a fixer, even though there are so many tools around.

Mr Pyne has since declared on Twitter that he will be available should Hollywood come knocking. And why wouldn’t they?

What are your thoughts on Chris Pyne’s efforts as a ‘fixer’?