The genius way one mum tricked a thief after a Christmas present was stolen from her house.

Crysti-Lei Arnold was not going to lose a Christmas gift to thieves twice.

The Perth mother was furious when she discovered a parcel was stolen from outside her front door, so she set up a decoy parcel to try catch anyone else who tried to steal from her.

And she didn’t have to wait long.

CCTV footage shared by Arnold on Facebook showed a man ride up to her door on a motorcycle and grab a parcel before making a quick getaway.

But it seems the joke is on him.

“So after last weeks [sic] theft, we put out a decoy box, full of bricks. Some d*ck brain just stole it,” she wrote.

The video also showed Arnold opening the door just as the thief grabs the parcel – she gives him the finger as he rides away.

One comment asked her what she said to him as he escaped.

I believe it was something along the lines of ‘Enjoy our bricks, d*ck brain!!’, because I am known for my eloquence and grace and would hate to disappoint.”

What a legend.

She added that she’d got the man’s number plate and reported the incident to police, along with the earlier incident also caught on CCTV.

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