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Your definitive guide to taking the stress out of holiday shopping.

Amart Sports
Thanks to our brand partner, Amart Sports

Christmas is only a few weeks away which means if you’re anything like me you’ll be rushing from shop to shop in a stressed-out haze, trying to cross off a list of presents for kids, relatives and work colleagues.

Shopping centres can be unbearable in December which can suck the joy out of what should be a fun and festive time of year. Thankfully, Amart Sports is an awesome one-stop shop where you can fill your trolley with a range of sport, exercise and outdoor gifts for adults and kids. And the shopping experience is hassle free!

I’ve lost valuable years of my life trying to find a parking spot at overcrowded shopping centres in December. My tactic involves stalking glacial-paced trolley pushers to their cars only for them to load their boot with 18 shopping bags then wave their hands at me to say they’re not leaving.

After 30 minutes of unsuccessful stalking, I end up in a battle of the indicators with other exasperated park hunters while whispering profanities under my breath.

"I’ve lost valuable years of my life trying to find a parking spot at overcrowded shopping centres." Image: Seinfeld.

Despite my best efforts, I almost always end up parked in the far corner of the top floor of the carpark in a less than joyful mood. Thank Rudolph I can avoid parking hell at Amart Sports. They have heaps of spots and many of their locations have easy parking options if you purchase larger items meaning there’s no need for you to search for an unsigned loading dock to pick up your kid’s new trampoline.

Another thing that drives me crazy about Christmas shopping is having to go to 10 different shops to purchase gifts for relatives with varying tastes and interests. That’s 10 crowded aisles, 10 long checkout queues and 10 receipts I have to squash in the coin section of my wallet in case I need to return anything. Not to mention the grumpy shop assistants adding an extra tinge of negativity to an already stressful experience.


If the thought of shop-hopping makes you want to drink the full stash of Christmas Day grog, head to Amart instead. From stocking fillers to big ticket items, Amart Sports has a massive range of gift options that will suit the fussiest family member, as well as friendly staff to help you find every item you need. For the kids, there are pool toys, roller blades, scooters and a big selection of bikes that are ready to ride and come with a lifetime of free tune-ups.

For adults, there are sports watches, cricket sets and basketballs that will come in handy when attempting to work off the Christmas pudding come Boxing Day. Living in Australia means we have a great climate for outdoor activities and giving our loved ones gifts that encourage them to stay active will keep them happy and healthy.

Never forget: The best gifts are always the ones that get the whole family playing outdoors on Boxing Day, rather than keeping everyone holed up inside in front of screens.

"We have a great climate for outdoor activities and giving our loved ones gifts that encourage them to stay active will keep them happy and healthy." Image: iStock.

Every January I avoid looking at my credit card statement because I’m an ugly crier. With two kids, an indulged dog, seven nieces and nephews and family members scattered all over the globe, buying and posting gifts can be an expensive exercise. Purchasing cheaper gifts doesn’t always mean compromising on quality.


Amart Sports stocks the most sought-after sports brands at great prices and they’ll beat cheaper prices by 10 per cent. So, you don’t need to gift Grandma a no-name brand pair of dodgy runners, she can get a pair of Asics without blowing your budget. Amart Sports also offers an easy layby service for the early planners who like to tick off their lists early (i.e. not me) and their gift cards are a great choice if you run out of gift ideas.

As a mum of two with a crazy work schedule, it never feels like I have enough hours in the day to get everything done, especially at this time of year. When I’m at work I’m trying to complete a million tasks before heading on holidays. When I’m not at work, I have the kids with me which makes it hard to shop for their gifts from Santa without blowing his cover. Given my lack of time and need to keep the Christmas magic alive for my kids, I’ve become an avid online shopper. Amart has a great selection of products available online meaning I can work through my Christmas list in my PJs after the kids go to bed. Bliss.

Easy peasy online ordering. Image: iStock.

The lead up to Christmas can be a stressful time as we rush around to complete our shopping, but it doesn’t have to be. Amart Sports has the solution for every kind of shopper as well as a gift for every member of the family. So, avoid the December shopping centre madness and make Christmas easy with Amart Sports.

How do you ease the stress of Christmas shopping?