A reminder for all those travelling today: Be careful, and get to and from Christmas safely.

Be careful today, travelling to and from Christmas lunch or dinner.

Police have issued a warning after three people were killed and another is fighting for her life in a fiery two-car crash in Melbourne yesterday.

“You’ve got a motor that’s been ripped out of the car, you’ve got the vehicle up on the barricade, and you’ve got a battery that’s a further 100 metres down the road,” Assistant Commissioner in Victoria Doug Fryer told reporters on Sunday night, AAP reports.

“They were probably heading home to wrap presents – now they’ll never get to open them and they won’t be there with their family on Christmas day.”

Saturday was another horror day on the roads, with Assistant Commissioner in NSW Michael Corboy saying he was “disappointed to see a number of incidents of drink driving”.

“You will be caught, or worse still, end up killing yourself or a loved on,” he said, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

There were 65 major crashes in New South Wales on Saturday and, of these, 56 people were charged with drink-driving offences.

Two people died on the roads and police issued 1,377 speeding tickets across the state.

As you’re spending the day with loved ones, choose the safer route.

Stay in your great-Aunt’s spare bedroom if you have to, her cats won’t mind and it’s better than braving the roads after one too many Christmas drinks.

Remember, it’s double demerits for any infringements. And, most of all, it’s Christmas. Be safe.

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