The gift the Queen will be giving to her royal staff this Christmas.

Working for the Queen would already have some significant perks (hello, seeing Prince Harry, being able to see Kate Middleton’s incredible hair up close, corgis etc) but come Christmas, there are even more.

You see, the Queen is also the queen of gift giving, with all 550-odd of her staff receiving a hand-delivered present from her at the end of the year.

In fact, she starts said gift preparation in March. IN MARCH.

Further proof the Queen is a boss. Image: Getty

According to The Sun, this is when the Queen sends out an email to her staff asking what they'd like for Christmas.

Mind you, there are some limitations. The gift must be a voucher although staff get the choice between a gift token or book token.

The most junior staff receive a reported $50 voucher, with the value increasing slightly depending on how many years of service you've done. However, it's capped at $62.

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While that might not seem like a great deal for, you know, millionaires, that adds up to over $34,000 across the whole staff.

There's one more catch though - only staff who have been in the Royal service for over a year are entitled to a gift. Been there less? No gift for you.

The Queen personally presents each staff member with their gift in a very specific order. The most senior household staff get theirs first, followed by clerks, domestic workers and then gardeners.

To make things a little sweeter, it's also rumoured staff will be given about 1500 Christmas puddings between them.

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