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"We have felt a lot of love." 6 women share how they're celebrating Christmas in isolation.

If ever there was a year that we needed a low-key celebration surrounded by friends or family, it would be 2021. From lockdowns to ever-changing travel restrictions, certainty was rare, and frankly, it's been exhausting.

But just when we thought we might be in the clear for Christmas, tens of thousands of Australian's received news that they'll be spending their holidays in isolation.

It sucks, and if you fall into that camp, we're oh so sorry. 

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But maybe you can take peace in knowing you're not alone. Mamamia spoke to six women to hear how they would be celebrating Christmas in isolation.

Here's what they had to say.


"I'm a Brit, living away from my Christmas loving family in Scotland and southern England. So Christmas Day is usually now spent with friends from around the globe, our various festive traditions making for a day of eclectic food, drinks and games.

"I was pretty cautious in the lead up to Christmas so as to be safe and able to spend it with friends at their home in Bondi. But I got symptoms and did a rapid antigen test which showed positive, followed by a PCR test. 

"I'm expecting the result on Christmas day. So with those plans are scuppered, I jumped online and ordered all my favourite food for a day at home. Oysters and bubbles, roast dinner with all the trimmings and cheese for later, of course.

"Here's hoping COVID doesn't take my sense of taste! In between the eating and drinking I'll be busy integrating a new kitten, Dez, to my home and to my cat Olive. Easier said than done. Wish me luck!"


"I had lots planned for the end of the year, so was remaining cautious in the lead-up to Christmas when my boyfriend's brother (who he lives with) got sick - although it hasn't yet been confirmed as COVID.


"Soon after, my boyfriend and I had symptoms, and we got tested yesterday. 

"We're all still waiting on PCR results, and don't see them coming in before Christmas so have decided to isolate, regardless.

"To be honest, it hasn't hit me yet that I will be missing out, particularly when I look to New Year's and beyond. I'm remaining hopeful despite everything indicating that it's not looking good. 

"For tomorrow, I plan on opening Christmas present through the window of my room while my family have a bbq out the back."


"I found out that I was COVID positive this week which means I’m in isolation for 10 days. I’m currently on about day four. 

"I only found out a day ago and my first reaction was feeling devastated. Luckily for me I haven’t been sick so I feel very grateful, but I immediately thought about how I wouldn’t be able to see anyone for Christmas. 

"I’ve been so careful and haven’t gone out at all the past 2 weeks so this felt particularly shit.

"I live with my partner, and he’s currently negative so we are isolating separately in our house. Luckily we have a downstairs and upstairs area so we sit at opposite ends of the stairs and can talk.

"We had planned to go and see my partner's family on Christmas Eve, and see mine on Christmas Day.

"Because we found out so late I couldn’t find any restaurants that would do Christmas Day food without preordering, so we’ve ordered some groceries and are going to make a roast and sit at opposite ends of the house and eat it together.

"Then we will probably call and Zoom our families, and I’m not sure what else. Maybe dance around to Christmas music and watch movies. There's not much else we can do!"


"Devastatingly, my partner and I are isolating this Christmas.

"Our plans were to head home to Adelaide, celebrate my Pop's 90th, and celebrate Christmas all the way from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

"My partner became very unwell. He never gets sick and knew he was a casual contact, so every day our anxiety was heightened. 

"It was a bittersweet moment when we got his positive result. We were relieved that we had an answer, and that we knew our plans would be cancelled therefore the anxiety about infecting our family and friends was now gone. But on the other hand, it was a true punch to the gut. 


"We had been so careful, and we haven’t seen our family for over six months. We miss them so much and we just wanted to be with them, hug them, share a meal and a laugh. We wanted to feel “at home”.

"Now, we are trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive by ordering some delicious food and I’m going to try to make a pavlova. 

"We have organised face times with our family, and luckily our family has been able to send some presents over.

"We have felt a lot of love….  Calls, FaceTimes, gifts, food vouchers, flowers, medicine arriving at our door, and people going out of their way to help. 

"To me, that’s true Christmas spirit there…. Maybe we just experienced in a different way."


"I was supposed to be in QLD seeing my family as my brother bought a house nearly two years ago and I haven't been able to visit yet due to COVID, but my trip got cancelled last minute when I returned a positive COVID test. 

"We usually keep Christmas pretty small, but this year were planning to have a bigger gathering together so I feel really disappointed that I'm not going to a part of that, and instead will be isolating in my house without any family around or even any super exciting food. I'm probably going to eat a bowl of cereal and call it a day."


"I was supposed to be picking up my sister from the airport yesterday (she is living in the NT) and driving home to surprise my parents in the country (they knew I was coming but not her). Thankfully, my other sister was able to do that, but I was devastated to miss out on it and that family time together.

"Anyway, I think our new plans are pretty grim. 

"My partner has completed his seven days self isolating from me, but I still have a few days to go so I’ll still be self isolating in the apartment, more so my room. 

"Given I am out on Boxing Day, and then can move into our new apartment I think we’ll just hold off on having a nice lunch until then and maybe invite some people around.

"We’ve still got croissants, champagne and plenty of summer fruits here so we’ll have that tomorrow morning and hopefully win some money from the scratchies in our Christmas bon bons. That could really lift the spirits!"

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