From unique wrapping to quick decor: Just 10 Christmas hacks that will get you through this week.

It's the most wonderful (read: stressful) time of the year.

From decorating our homes, to buying AND wrapping gifts, not to mention preparing for a family-filled breakfast/lunch/dinner, Christmas time can be heavy on the mental load.

Are you exhausted yet?

Side note: Check out the things Mums never say at Christmas. Post continues below.

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We know your pain.

In fact, that's why we scoured the internet for as many tips and tricks as we could find that would take the sting out of holiday prep. 

Whether you're looking to spice up your home or save some cash on presents, here are 10 tips courtesy of social media on how to make the festive season easier.

1. The tinsel trick that will make your tree one-of-a-kind.

TikTok user, Teana shared a new way to style your tree with tinsel, and we're into it!

"Bored of the classic tinsel around the tree look? Try this," the text said.

Image: TikTok.


All you need to do is wrap your tinsel around one branch of the tree. 

Once it's been fastened, cut it to form a pom-pom effect. 

Repeat as you please, and you'll end up with a sparkling tree like no other.

@itstea____ Might not be every 1s taste but I think she cute🥰 #christmas #christmastree #christmashack #hack #fyp #tinse ♬ It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas - Michael Bublé

2. The easy wrapping technique that gives you a handy card holder

Want to look like a wrapping pro without all the extra hard work? TikTok user, Chelsea Williamson, has the hack to spice up your wrapping.

"Cut your paper longer than you need and fold the section in the middle so you create a flap. Tape this down on the inside, then go ahead and wrap your present as normal.

"There you have it, you've actually created your own pocket to hold a Christmas card. How handy is that?"

@chelseawilliamson This Christmas wrapping hack is one of my all time favourites! 🎄#tiktokholidays #wrappingpaperhack #christmashacks ♬ It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas - Michael Bublé

3. The simple trick to tidy up your Christmas Lights without the tangle.

There's nothing worse than taking down your Christmas decor, with Christmas lights taking a special place as the most frustrating item to tidy up.

But TikTok user @jersey.girl8 has a way to get them down in record time AND keep them tidy for when you fish them out next year.

All you need to do is loop the lights between your elbow and fist in a circle motion and Voila! Done in minutes.

@jersey.girl8 #christmastreelighthack #christmastree #christmaslights #hack #foryou ♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Glee

4. The cost-effective gifting solution for savvy parents.

TikTok user, Mackenzie Madison, has shared her foolproof tip for getting the most bang for your buck on toddler presents... and it's by re-wrapping toys they already have, but haven't used for a while.

The Mum shared a video with the voiceover "Nobody's going to know," as she dug through a toy basket for a plush toy, then wrapped it and placed it back under the Christmas tree.

@makenziemadisonn How would they know? (All I have is painters tape 😂) #nobodysgonnaknow #howwouldtheyknow #momhack #Wishlist #christmashack #christmasgifthack ♬ how would they know bad girls club - Chris Gleason

We need more of this, please.

5. The present-sorting solution that will keep everyone's gifts in order.

TikTok user, Virginia Darling, has the answer to the chaos that is present time.

The 32-year-old Mum shared a video of her new system to TikTok, writing: "Present time has always been a bit chaotic.

"Someone always has to dig under the tree and pass out gifts. This year I wanted to try something different.


"I wrapped large moving boxes up like gifts with a name tag on each. That way, everyone can grab their box, place it in front of them and pick their own gifts on their turn.

"Then they can use the box to put their open gifts in and use the box to take home everything with them."

@virginia_darling Present sorting hack! #Christmas2020 #over30 #presents #merrychristmas #family #togerther #lifehacks ♬ Ice Dance (From "Edward Scissorhands") - Ashton Gleckman

So handy!

6. The candy-cane hack to end sticky fingers.

Tiktok user, @bookish.opinions, shared her oh-so-easy way to keep little kids' hands clean while eating a candy cane, and why didn't we think of this sooner?

Just pop your candy cane in a small plastic bag with a hole poked through one corner. That way, they can grip on to the curved end using the plastic bag.

@bookish.opinions the best hack for Christmas time. #MacysGiftTok #candycane #christmashack #gingerbreadhouse ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Simple, but effective.

7. The decorative answer to leftover wrapping paper.

TikTok users, the crafty lumber jacks, have shared their quick and easy Christmas decor, and all you need is some leftover wrapping paper. 

"One of the easiest ways to make a big impact is using wrapping paper," they said.

"It's super affordable, temporary and one of the easiest ways to transform your space.

"Find a roll that matches your colour scheme and tape it up for an accent wall."

@craftylumberjacks Wrapping paper hack! #christmasdecor #christmashack #decorating #alliwantforchristmas #crafty #holidaycountdown #dollarstorediy ♬ Christmas Bells - StudioKolomna

The perfect photo wall, if we do say so ourselves.

8. The unique way to wrap a wine bottle.

Say goodbye to your typical gift bags. 

TikTok user, Lindsay Roggenbuck, has the answer to wrapping those awkward bottles, and it's very cute.

Image: TikTok.


First, you're going to measure and cut your paper, leaving two inches from the bottom, and eight from the top.

Once you have wrapped the bottle lengthwise, cut four to five strips alongside the bottom of the bottle and fold them in.

Next, flatten the remaining paper and fold it back-and-forth accordion style until you get to the top of the bottle. Tape the bottom edges to the backside, and fold the two sides of the accordion into a fan. 

Accessorize with some fancy ribbon or bells if you so desire!

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9. The organised gal's solution to last-minute shopping.

TikTok user, Travis Manley, shared his very organised solution to Christmas gifting, and we'll be implementing this one from next year, thank you very much.

"I keep bins in my basement labelled with my friends and family's names. If I see something I think they'll like, I buy it and keep it in the bin. 

"When their birthday or Christmas comes, no rush to the store, just grab something from the bin and wrap it up!

"This way, there's no panic buying and you can spread the cost of Christmas and birthday's over the entire year."

@bigbagoflittledonuts bc I was sick of stopping at Walgreens on Christmas Eve… 🤦‍♂️ #neurodivergent #adhd #christmas #lifehack ♬ The Office - The Hyphenate


10. The easy way to get rid of those pesky price stickers.

It turns out you can get price stickers off your gifts without leaving a half ripped mess!

TikTok user, Ciara Nicole, shared her tip for getting rid of price stickers to TikTok, and all you need is a blow dryer.

"Grab yourself a blow dryer, turn it to hot and high, then hover it over that price tag for about thirty seconds to a minute. You'll know when it's ready to be peeled off when it feels pretty hot to the touch.

"Grab yourself some tweezers and start by picking up the edges very lightly, and once you get a good lift just start to pull!"

@ciara.nicole7 WRAPPING HACK! Just in time for the holiday. Hope it helps :) 🎁#wrapping #wrappinghack #hack #christmas #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

So helpful.

Feature Image: TikTok.

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