What your Christmas present wrapping style really says about you.

There are two types of people in the world – those with great rapping wrapping skills and those without.

I’m firmly in the latter group (on both accounts).

While everyone else in my family wraps presents up beautifully with specially chosen wrapping paper, symmetrical folds and carefully coordinated ribbon and bows that belong on Pinterest, you’ll be able to instantly identify a present from me thanks to its mismatched paper (I’ll make use of whatever is left, scraps and all), odd shape, rough edges and visible sticky tape marks.


A true work of art. Image: iStock

And that gift bow or three? You can bet I've put them on there to hide a terrible mistake I couldn't be bothered to redo.

Now don't get me wrong - I put a lot of thought into  the actual gifts. It's just by the time I get to actually wrapping them up, I'm too distracted by the Christmas music and movies I put on to ~set the mood~ so quickly lose interest.

After all, it's what's on the inside that counts, right? Right??

Not sure which side you fall under - or not ready to admit it to yourself? Here's a highly scientific* handy guide to the two types of Christmas wrapping personalities.

Team Measure and Match

    • Considers wrapping the present to be the most important stage of the gift-giving process.
    • Has a special toolbox for the activity, containing things like rulers, double sided sticky tip, paper weights, scissors that aren't blunt.
    • Buys at least three different wrapping paper prints with matching ribbon. Possibly even makes their own wrapping paper.


  • Will do a 'practise wrap' before committing to the real thing.
  • Revels in the challenge of an odd-ly shaped present.
  • Makes their own labels. Probably owns a labelmaker especially for this.
  • Always irons their clothes.
  • Wears matching underwear.
  • Never has chipped nail polish.

Team Hope for The Best.

  • Will usually always leave wrapping to the last minute.
  • Will spend longer trying to find the start of the sticky tape roll than the whole wrapping process together. Wouldn't even think of using a ruler, probably using nail scissors.
  • Will make it a personal mission to use up every scrap of leftover wrapping paper, usually leading to a 'patchwork quilt' like effect.


  • Will cut and fold and hope for the best. Will rarely ever start over again, no matter how bad it gets.
  • Makes even a standard square present look an odd shape.
  • What labels?
  • What iron?
  • Can typically be found wearing odd socks.
  • Hides their chipped nail polish by painting over with glitter (and considers this genius and innovative not lazy.)

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