The 4 trickiest types of people to buy for at Christmas (and what they secretly want).

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Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Food, family, fun…and presents. Well, maybe not the last one. Sure, getting presents is great – but shopping for them? Not so much.

Even if you’re one of those impressive people who plans months in advance, you’re likely to have on your list at least one of the following:

  1. The person who has everything;
  2. The person who says they don’t ‘need’ anything;
  3. The teach who’s getting 25 scented candles;
  4. And the person who proudly asserts that they are not remotely interested in Christmas.

(If you’re buying a gift for me this year, please note I don’t fall into any of those categories.)

The thing with presents is, we just want to make people happy. So, please allow me to suggest gifts these tricky types actually want.

No socks. No candles. No chocolates. Well, maybe some…

The person who has everything.

What they want: Experiences.

Before I had a child, I could spend all my money on myself. Those were the days!

People told me I was difficult to buy for because I had everything (admittedly, that was mostly true – and I had the credit card bill to prove it).

As a result, I was often given experiences. I don’t mean jumping out of a plane; I mean things like a gift voucher for my favourite restaurant, or tickets to a play they thought I would like to see. Because it was purchased for an experience, it didn’t feel impersonal.

For the person who has everything, I think trying out a new hotel is another thing that’s super special. In Perth, the Ritz-Carlton is opening on the banks of the Swan River on November 15, and it looks super swanky. Rooms start from just under $400 a night.

A little more budget-friendly is The Adnate Perth, which just opened in October. It’s part of the Art Series hotels and oozes glamorous visuals. Rooms are from $179 a night.

The person who says they don’t ‘need’ anything.

What they want: Just a nice gesture.

Everyone loves to feel special, but the people who say they don’t need anything from you at Christmas are just trying to save you stress and money. And yet, you want to give them something.

So, here’s an idea that will satisfy you both: a scratchie and Lotto ticket bundle like Lotterywest’s Christmas gift packs. They have $1, $3 and $5 Christmas scratchies,l but you can customise your pack to suit any budget – and they’re particularly handy if you’re a last-minute shopper.

Lotterywest is unique in Australia as the only lottery to directly support the community through their grants program. Last year, they gave almost $282 million back into the Western Australian community alone. I love that, and it means even if the ticket isn’t successful, the money has gone to something meaningful.


I remember getting one a few years ago and thought “oh yeah, whatever”– until I won $50 and then thought it was the best gift ever!

So, trust me, if your loved-one wins some decent cash, they’ll be very happy you ignored their claim of not needing anything.

The teacher who’s getting 25 scented candles.

We all want to show thanks to the teachers who’ve gone above and beyond all year to educate our kids.

Of course, there are the basics like book vouchers and chocolates and…scented candles. But there’s only so many of those things a teacher can take in one Christmas.

This is why I like to give hats, beach towels or sunscreen. Since we’re heading into the long summer holidays, the timing is perfect.

I reckon this is thoughtful and useful all rolled into one. And if you purchase the items from the Cancer Council, you’re supporting a great cause, too.

The person who finds it ‘too commercialised’.

What they want: To do something good.

Some people think it’s gone too far, and that’s OK for them to think that.

While they might find the Christmas rush a little too over the top, there’s a strong chance that this person does believe in the Spirit of Christmas – the spirit of giving.

So, a donation – even of $20 – to their favourite charity in their name would be so meaningful. It could be through a Christmas program like Anglicare’s Toys ‘n’ Tucker, or cash donation to a local or international charity that supports something close to their hearts.

More great charities to donate to include:

Foodbank WA: For 25 years, Foodbank has helped Australians living in hunger, providing more than 500,000 meals to people in need.

Room to Read: A nonprofit supporting the education of girls across low-income communities in Asia. Mamamia is a proud supporter, currently funding 100 girls in school today.

Wildlife SOS: A charity committed to saving exploited animals in India, including wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, conservation and habitat protection.

No matter how hard it is to buy for some people, always keep in mind that it’s your Christmas, too, so use these tips and save some stress.

And remember, it’s the thought that counts.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Christmas?

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