10 Christmas gift ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life.

Images: Nike/PRAIA/Adidas.

There’s one in every friendship group: the fitness fanatic. You know, the one who’s always Instagramming their 5am beach-side yoga sessions, whose shoe collection is 97 per cent trainers, who has completed more than 10 consecutive Burpees and lived to tell the tale, and who hikes for fun.

If you’re not quite so sports-inclined, it can be tricky to shop for the active friend in your group – but we’re here to help. Here are 10 presents they’ll shower in love (and by love, we mean sweat). The even better part? Most of these are available online. You’re welcome.

A great backpack

Every gym-goer needs a bag to haul their leggings/drink bottle/100 spare hairbands in, and you’ll score extra points for gifting one that’s as fetching as it is functional. This STELLASPORT print backpack from Adidas, designed by Stella McCartney, is bright and eye-catching yet not overbearing – and at the time of writing, it’s 20 per cent off. That brings it down to $56 from $70. Buy it here – go!

A unique yoga mat

Unless you're a seasoned yogi, holding a downward dog or pigeon pose can become a little... painful. These beautiful mats from Newcastle brand PRAIA are printed with glorious landscape and nature photos, which can only help distract you from your shaking legs. Even better: they're made from natural rubber, making them a unique and sustainable pressie for the yoga lover in your life. Namaste, etc. $100-$120 — buy here.

Watch: Here's a simple yoga routine to help you relax while you're Christmas shopping. (Post continues after video.)


Cool kicks

If you really want to treat your pal, say the magic word: shoes. Right now, we've got our eye on Nike's range of bright, patterned runners. The purple, orange and red tones in the CP Max runner ($160) will complement those 5am sunrises beautifully (think: Instagram-worthy); while the pixelated pattern on the Nike Free TR 5 ($170) is scientifically proven to make your mate run faster. Maybe.

A decent water bottle

Regardless of their activity of choice, every fit person (well, every human being) needs water. A reusable water bottle is the gift that keeps on giving, plus it's better for the environment. We're particularly enamored by glass bottles this year — pictured L-R below are Lifefactory's flip-top glass bottle ($49.95), lululemon's Pure Focus glass bottle ($35), and Camelback's Eddy bottle ($39,95). Classy.

The ultimate workout playlist

Sometimes a great playlist is the only thing that can get you through a workout. They're deeply personal things, often needing to be adjusted regularly (if not on the spot). A Spotify Premium voucher provides access to more than 20 million songs without the interruption of ads. When your mate achieves all their fitness goals you can take full credit. From $11.99/1 month - $35.97/3 months (buy here).

Cheap 'n very cheerful activewear

Sure, fitness clothing is designed to be sweated through, but that doesn't mean it can't be super cute. Cotton On Body has a colourful, comfortable and affordable range of tanks, running shorts, leggings and crop tops that make winning stocking-stuffers. There's tie-dye, fun prints, and slogans that'll make you smile (we particularly love "I don't sweat, I sparkle"). Starting from $15 - buy here.


We also love these shorts from Aussie brand Running Duds. (Post continues after gallery.)

Sweat-proof headphones

As mentioned, playlists can be integral to exercise. The only problem with listening to music as you sweat it out is, well... the whole 'sweat inside earplugs' issue. Happy Plugs has a range of water and sweat-resistance headphones that'll survive even the most extreme workout. They come in cerise, cobalt, turquoise and black shades and are available at JB Hi-Fi for $79.99

A ClassPass membership

Give your sporty pal the gift of choice: that is, choice of pretty much any gym class they want to try for a month. ClassPass is one of a new wave of fitness apps (including KFit and AnyClass) providing access to a range of exercise facilities, meaning members can continually mix things up. So far it's only available in Sydney and Melbourne, but watch this space. Buy a $99 one-month ClassPass gift for your friend here.

A yoga tote

Sure, some of us tote our yoga mats around just for show (because ACTIVEWEAR). But for people who actually, you know, use them, a bag to carry it in can be a useful gift. Lululemon's drishti yoga tote is lightweight, has a mesh pocket to hold any post-class sweaty gear, and comes with a shoulder strap that can double as a stretching strap in class - two gifts for the price of one. $45 - buy here.

Home fitness equipment

Okay, so a resistance tube or foam roller mightn't be your kind of wish list item, but for the home workout aficionado it could be just what they're after. Target's range of active equipment is ridiculously affordable - we're talking skipping ropes from $2.40 and foam rollers for $12. Not even Santa could resist a bargain that good. Buy them here.

Do you have any ideas to add?