The gift lover’s guide to presents for less.

Thanks to our brand partner, BIG W

It’s finally rolling around to that time of the year.

When you can start winding down and start putting the Christmas tree up. When you can pour yourself a glass of wine instead of a cup of coffee. When the holidays are just around the corner and you can feel the buzz at the local shopping centre as carols play in the background and twinkling lights and tinsel hang from the ceiling.

It the time of the year when we all rush about to buy our gifts and prepare for the big spread and fun times of Christmas day. There’s simply nothing quite like it but there’s always one aspect of the holiday season I always find myself looking forward to the most.

That’s strolling the aisles and picking up all the pressies for my family. Big W has been my go-to gift source for the last few years because their prices are always competitive and their sections cover everything from adults to kids.

They’re a one stop shop for everything Christmas related (gift paper and ribbon included) and I find I don’t need to go from store to store to find exactly what I’m looking for.

Here are my top picks for Christmas this year:

1. Joy LED Metal Table Top Decoration – $20

I’m a big fan of trendy and modern light up signs for decorating and when I saw the ‘Joy’ LED Metal Table Top Decoration, it put a big smile on my face. It’s the perfect decoration to add a bit of cheer to your home but it also has the added bonus of not appearing overtly Christmas-like. This means you can get away with keeping it as a decoration all year round. Shhh, no one has to know.

"Add a bit of cheer to your home." Image: Big W.

2. 2-Pack White Glitter Cone Decoration - $10pk

Nothing says Christmas like these white glitter cones that give you the feeling of a Christmas tree while still maintaining a classic and clean feel. The glitter adds a lovely touch and can be used to dress up a table in your home.


"Nothing says Christmas like these white glitter cones." Image: Big W.

3. Shopkins Happy Places – Happy Homes Play Set - $39

My niece is mad about Shopkins and has already requested that I get her every Shopkins related toy under the sun. Big W offer an array of Shopkins items from the latest plays sets, to dolls and DVDs, all at affordable prices. The Happy Homes Play Set is one of the items at the top of her wish list and I’m certain when she opens it up on Christmas day she’ll be thrilled.


The perfect gift for your daughter or niece. Image: Big W.

4. Teletubbies Remote Control Inflatable Po - $49

I’ll let you in on a secret. When it comes to Teletubbies related toys, my nephew can sniff out their where abouts. I’ve already had to hand over more gifts than I’m willing to count. But once I get a hold of the Teletubbies Remote Control Inflatable Po, I’ll be sure to find a nephew-proof hiding spot. It offers a great saving so I can justify sneaking in a few other gifts before Christmas day.

This gift is sure to entertain kids for hours. Image: Big W.

5. All For My Children by Sally Faulkner - $22

Big W have a huge selection of new release books for both adults and kids that would be perfect for all members of the family. I’m keen to get my hands on a copy of All For My Children by Sally Faulkner, a story I’ve been following closely this year. I’m also thinking of getting a copy each for my sisters as a stocking filler.


A great stocking filler. Image: Big W.

6. Philips Portable Bluetooth Speaker - $34

Portable speakers are great for when you’re entertaining at home, going on holidays or having a family day out. I’m planning on getting my dad a Bluetooth speaker because he loves having some music on while he’s doing things in the backyard. It’s simple to pair to your phone and if you don’t have many songs in your music library you can stream from apps like Spotify.

"Great for when you’re entertaining at home." Image: Big W.

7. New Nintendo 3DS XL - $249

When it comes to the New Nintendo 3DS XL I’m already one step ahead because I had my name down for the initial release. While I’d like to say this gift is for a child, it’s actually for my partner, the big kid in my life. He’s been banging on about this new console and Big W have it for the most affordable price I’ve seen so far.


For the big kid in your life. Image: Big W.

8. Butter Cookie Tins - $5

When I’m purchasing gifts for friends and colleagues, I always like to go with a food item. Chocolate is given in abundance so I usually lean towards cookies as they have a long shelf life. I’ll be purchasing the Butter Cookie Tins in bulk and I love that the tins can be reused for other bits and pieces once all of the cookies have been eaten.

"I love that the tins can be reused." Image: Big W.

Once all of the shopping is done and dusted and your gifts are neatly placed under the tree, you can treat yourself to the best part of the entire process. Kicking your feet up and counting down to Christmas day.

How are you doing your Christmas shopping this year?