We've found 12 great Christmas gifts from UNICEF that can help change lives.

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You could save a life this Christmas.

2020 has been a year like no other as the world has collectively faced one of our biggest challenges in modern history. 

In Australia, we've retreated into the safety of our homes. We've slowed down, taken stock, and reconnected to the world around us.

Without all the trappings of our normal, constantly busy lives we've been able to rediscover what's really important - human connection, community, and making sure no man, woman or child is left behind.

This Christmas, by purchasing one of UNICEF's Inspired Gifts, you could give a gift that radically changes a child's life, giving them access to education, personal hygiene products, and basic nutrition and nourishment so they can get the best possible start to life, no matter where they live.

To help you sort out your Christmas shopping list, we've rounded up 12 gift packs which will change the life of a child instantly.

1. Winter Warmers

A baby snug as a bug in Jordan. Image: UNICEF. 

This Christmas you can give a child the gift of a warm and cosy winter. 

While it will be hot and humid in Australia on Christmas Day, children in Jordan will be facing unpredictable wintery weather, with storms, snowfall and floods threatening their family's homes and livelihoods. 

With every extreme weather event, they become more vulnerable to catching preventable illnesses.


Each Winter Warmer bundle ($94) comes with two sets of baby winter clothes and two blankets to keep children warm over the colder months. 

2. Milk & Cookies

This Christmas, many children in Yemen and other countries will be suffering from malnutrition.

A Milk & Cookies bundle ($110) can provide a child with the basic nutrients and nourishment they need to regain their strength, and grow up to be healthy and full of energy. 

Each bundle contains 16 therapeutic milk sachets and 16 high-energy biscuits. 

3. Welcome to the World Bundle

Image: Supplied.

Right now, all over the world, families are welcoming newborns. But many of these newborns are born into the world in areas which do not have enough resources to make sure they have the best chance at life. 

Each Welcome to the World Bundle ($94) contains one baby resuscitation kit, seven baby respiration timers and seven newborn meningitis treatments. 

4. Earth-Friendly Pack

Kids can learn so much about themselves and the world from reading. But when you don't have basic necessities like power, it can be quite difficult to foster a reading habit. 

That's where an Earth-Friendly Pack ($110) comes in handy. Each pack contains a solar lamp and a solar wind-up radio so every child can continue to read and be connected to the world, no matter where they live. 

5. Super-Nutrient Powder for PNG 

Fifty per cent of children under five in Papua New Guinea suffer from chronic malnutrition. That means half of all children in that age bracket are not getting enough basic nutrients and nourishment in their diet.


Each Super-Nutrient Powder kit provides 938 sachets of Micronutrient Powder to 11 children and just a sprinkle of the powder can have a life-saving impact on a child's diet.

6. Early Childhood Development Kit for Rohingya children

Right now, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children are living and attending schools, with limited resources, in refugee camps in Bangladesh. 

With a purchase of an Early Childhood Development Kit ($276) you can help deliver one of the 32 urgently needed kits for a variety of home-based preschools and nutrition centres in the refugee camps. These will ensure children can reach their full potential.  

7. 126 Sachets of Peanut Butter 

Plumpy'Nut is a miracle peanut paste which can bring a child back from severe malnutrition in just six weeks. 

Each kit ($67) contains 126 sachets of the good stuff and just three sachets a day over 6 weeks can save a child's life. 

8. 65 Dignity Pads 

Young girls with their dignity pads in Malawi. Image: UNICEF. 

In Malawi, young girls are often forced to miss school when they have their periods because they don't have access to pads and tampons. 

There's also a lot of stigma around menstruation which can have a lifelong psychological impact on the girls and cause them to feel embarrassed about their bodies. 

These reusable pads ($65) help girls manage their periods in privacy and allow them to continue their education without interruption.


9. Vaccine Pack 

In 2020, millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable diseases that can result in their early deaths. But did you know that UNICEF vaccinates nearly half the world's children?

The Vaccine Pack ($85) contains 240 vaccines to protect children from measles, tuberculosis, polio and tetanus. 

10. School in a box

A class with their 'school in a box' in Papua New Guinea. Image: UNICEF. 

Every child deserves an education no matter where they live or what their community is currently facing. 

The 'school in a box' ($270)) includes books, pencils, erasers, a wind-up solar radio and a blackboard, meaning a class of 40 students can continue to learn wherever they are. 

11. 10 school bags 

For just $55 you can give the gift of 10 school bags this Christmas. 

The bags are fully waterproof, mesh-lined, they have ultra-comfy shoulder straps, inner and outer pockets and a name tag. But above all, they give children a sense of pride and help keep their school supplies sorted. 

12. 350 Polio Vaccines

For just $90 you can help provide 350 vaccines against polio and potentially save 87 young lives.

Are you ready to deliver hope to a child this Christmas? Head over to UNICEF'S Inspired Gifts and start ticking off your Christmas shopping list, while making a real change in the world.

UNICEF Australia
UNICEF is the largest children's charity in the world. Working in 190 countries and territories for every child to grow up safe, healthy and with opportunities to thrive. UNICEF Australia is on a mission this Christmas to deliver hope to the world’s most vulnerable children. With an Inspired Gift you can be part of their mission and help deliver life-changing supplies like urgently needed vaccines, education materials and even therapeutic food to bring back a malnourished child to health within 6 weeks. Deliver hope this Christmas!