One mum holds particularly high standards when it comes to receiving Christmas cards.

Considering it’s Christmas Day, we’re assuming all of your Christmas cards to family and friends are well and truly sent.

(And if not then… sorry to say but you’ve missed the boat this year. Better luck next time.)

But here’s something to keep in mind for when you’re sending out those family snaps and four-page letters about what your kids have been up to all year at the end of 2018: anything that’s not addressed to a person’s full name is “shoddy”.

Well, according to one British Mumsnet user, anyway.

The woman caused a stir when she asked the online parenting forum if it was unreasonable to expect any Christmas cards sent to her home to be addressed using her full, formal name.

mum christmas cards
This mum wants her cards addressed to her full name, thank you very much. Image via Getty.

"We've had two Christmas cards through the post so far," she wrote.

"At least one of them were addressed to CJT and CJT as opposed to Mr and Mrs CJT or anything else formal.

"It really gets on my nerves. You know my last name. You've known it for f**king years! [Am I being unreasonable] to think it's shoddy, and weird, to not address a card properly?"

"It just seems really weird to see a card posted with first names only on it."

Many users suggested that anyone who is close enough to know your home address and wants to send you a Christmas card should have the right to call your by your informal name.

"If you're not close enough to these people to use first names why do they have your address?" one person said, while another added, "that's a lot of angst over a card."

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"It's supposed to be a friendly greeting not a complex test of etiquette," argued another user.

Others said they would much prefer a card addressed to them by their first names, especially if it was being sent by friends.

"Honestly, I think it's nice," one woman shared.

"I actually would much rather have someone address a card to me and [my husband] by our first than by our titles. When people forget or get our titles wrong, it's kind of annoying."

"I can't say it bothers me at all. They do know my first name and call me by it after all," another added.

mail letters letterbox
Some said they would much prefer their friends address cards adn letters to their first names. Image via Getty.

Others still provided a bit of context around why - in 2017 - some people choose to address their letters informally.

"I do this when I can't spell the surnames and/or when it's an unmarried couple or kept her own name couple," one person said.

"It's not a problem with Jones or Smith... but for things like Elliott where I have to wonder about the number of Ls and the number of Ts it's just easier."

"I now address all cards like this as I've read so many threads on here where people are incredibly annoyed at their titles and surnames being differently addressed to the ones they've decided they want," wrote another user.

"It's just easier."

There's one thing all the commenters could (thankfully) agree on: that receiving Christmas cards from friends in the mail was one of the best things about the holiday season.

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