Kim Kardashian names an Aussie as the most stylish woman in the world.

Totally unexpected. AND her name doesn’t even start with K….

In what is definitely the most important news update you’ll hear all day, Kim Kardashian West has just named her style icon.

Wait – I can see your eyes glaze over, but stay with me because that style icon is an Aussie. An AUSSIE. Has this ever happened before? We’re not sure.

Move over Amal, because the 34-year-old reality star thinks Christine Centenera is the most stylish woman in the world.

“She just knows every accessory to tie an outfit together,’ Kardashian told The Daily Mail, before adding: “She puts different things together that you wouldn’t think of.”

Wait, who is this Christine person? I can hear you ask. Well strap yourselves in, because we’re going to delve deeper into this Seriously Important Issue.

At the start of her career, Christine Centenera worked with our Publisher Mia Freedman at Cosmopolitan magazine as a marketing assistant. She then moved to Harper’s Bazaar and worked her way up to being fashion editor, before becoming the senior fashion director of Vogue Australia.

Now for the Kim Konnection: Centenera styled Kim for her latest cover, the February issue of Vogue Australia.

Both Kardashian and Centenera can be seen running along the beach Baywatch-style for the cover shoot in the video below. Although, Centenera is clad in head-to-toe black, obviously.

In an inception style twist, Centenera consults on Kanye West’s fashion line, and Kim Kardashian has previously credited Kanye’s influence for her recent wardrobe makeover. So is Kim Kardashian West actually calling herself the most stylish woman in the world? Nothing would surprise us at this point.

Take a look through some of Christine Centenera’s most stylish moments below.