A grossly inappropriate tweet was sent from Christina Grimmie's Twitter account just hours after she was murdered.

Fans have been left outraged by a morbid tweet that was sent from singer Christina Grimmie‘s twitter account soon after she died.

The tweet simply reads:

“The end.”

It has since been deleted but the Daily Mail has found a screenshot of the original:

People were naturally left astonished that anyone could be so insensitive after such a traumatic event.

Many people are speculating that a suffering family member is responsible for the tweet, with one saying, "C'mon now. It was probably a family in immense pain...It was hard."

However, in a statement to People, Grimmie's management team claimed that hackers were responsible for the tweet.

As many fans pointed out, it took hours for the tweet to be deleted when it could have been easily removed.

It was only earlier today that Orlando police confirmed the identity of Kevin Loibl, the person responsible for Grimme's death, and another person at the scene.

The 27-year-old shot Grimme at 10:30pm on June 10 when she was signing autographs for fans.

At the moment, police do not know Loibl's motive but are searching his computer and phone in desperate hopes of finding more information.

Loibl arrived at the scene with two loaded handguns, ammunition and a hunting knife.

Scroll through to see some of the friends of Christina mourning her death. 

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