Model asks for more than $300 million in incredible divorce demands.

Former supermodel Christina Estrada is currently in the midst of a divorce from her ex, billionaire Saudi Arabian sheikh Dr. Walid Juffali.

As if that wasn’t unrelatable enough, according to Daily Mail, Estrada is said to have turned down a nearly $67-million settlement offer because it wasn’t enough.

She’s demanding over $353 million because, as she put it in court, “I am Christina Estrada. I was a top, international model. I have lived this life. This is what I am accustomed to.”

And what a life it must be.

In papers submitted by Dr. Juffali’s lawyers, Estrada is asking for:

· $ 99,171,480 for a new home.

· $180,312 per year to maintain that home.

· $605,051 per year for staff. (Because how would she survive without a butler, housekeeper, chauffer, nanny, two home cleaners, a chef and an office manager?)

· $2,162,950 per year for clothing and jewellery including $342,467 for haute couture dresses, $72,098 for new fur coats and $37,851 for shoes.

Watch women in the Mamamia office confess to the moment they knew it was time for a divorce. (Post continues after video): 

· $180,246 per year for food and drink. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

· $869,535 to rent a yacht for two weeks every year. Plus, $260,410 for provisions. And because she’s not cheap, $8,695 to tip the crew members

· $445,627 for a yearly trip to Paris staying the Presidential Suite at the Ritz. Oh, and she’ll need an additional $133,797 for a room for the nanny

· $185,653 for a yearly 12 night trip to the south of France at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and $55,959 for the nanny’s room.

· $169,058 per year for beauty treatments – including 52 facials, 44, manicures and 52 massages.

· $104,543 for two luxury handbags every year.

· $70,296 for two watches every year

· $63,086 for ten clutch handbags

· $50,469 per year for Wimbledon tickets.

· $46,864 for a mobile phone. That must be quite an iPhone

· $41,457 for her yearly six casual handbags because she can’t be luxurious all the time.

· $26,767 for three new suitcases a year. She is doing a lot of traveling.

· $16,943 for four bottles of face cream every year. She only needs four. She’s using them sparingly.

· $7,210 for fifteen pairs of sunglasses

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Estrada, Juffali’s second wife and the mother to one of his six children, contends that this is the lifestyle she has become accustomed to and that his proposed settlement would just not cut it.

Juffali, an international business man who is currently battling cancer and undergoing treatment in Switzerland, claims he is worth $1,169,244,628 but Ms Estrada’s legal team say he is worth around $1,443,514,868. So the battle continues.

Estrada made an appearance in court this morning to defend her needs. But if she was going for relatable, she failed miserably. The 54-year-old former Pirelli calendar model actually told the court she couldn’t live in a $11,731,695 property because “I wouldn’t want to be living right next door to my staff. I would want them on another floor. It’s too small.”

She said she needed that $37,851 for those 54 pairs of shows because, “That is what they cost. That is the standard I am used to.”

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She said she needed 35 watches every year because, “It depends what I am wearing and needs to go with my outfit.”

She needs $90,169 a year for Christmas dinners because,”They will be attended by 50 and 150 guests.” Perfectly reasonable…if you ask her.

Estrada is also claiming to need $21,929 for holiday entertainment. A number which was reached by using the ticketprice for the paris opera, La Traviata.

Estrada claims to be a regular patron and fan of the opera but when asked to name another she answered, “The Nutcracker”, which, as Juffali’s attorney pointed out, is a ballet, not an opera. Oops.

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