Awkward: Did Christina Aguilera's baby get Photoshopped?

Did Christina Aguilera’s baby girl just have her little face Photoshopped? Did that just happen?

Summer Rain is 6 months old. And she may have just had her very first, teeny-tiny, baby-sized Photoshop scandal. Either that, or she has the smoothest baby-face in the whole world.

This is all we’ve seen of Summer so far. Her teeny-tiny diva butt:

Up until now, this is the only side of Summer Rain we had seen.

Until today, that is.

Summer Rain shares a magazine cover with her extremely famous mama, and it’s the first time we’ve seen her tiny cherubic face. But People magazine has been widely accused of photoshopping the child.

Look here. Look closely. Look again. What do you reckon: Digitally enhanced facial features, or really good genes?

The magazine’s in trouble as people call “AIRBRUSHING ALERT” on the interwebs. Here are a few of the responses:

Summer Rain looks as flawless as… Well one of those evenings in Summer when it’s perfectly balmy and a warm little drizzle of rain falls from the sky.

To be fair to magazines, Summer has had a pretty drastic transformation lately. Here she is a mere 6 months ago:

Christina gave birth to Summer in August last year.

People magazine have defended the cover, as has Made For Mums editor Susie Boone, who has experience working with babies on camera.

“Babies often have different skin tones to adults and their smooth skin texture can make the light bounce off a baby’s skin in a different way to an adult’s,” she said.

“Young babies may also have paler skins than their parents (especially celebrity parents who often have a sun-kissed or fake tan skin tone) and this difference can make it look like the lighting is different on each face – which in turn makes it look unnatural.”

But Christina, who appears in the photo series along with her son Max, 7, is keeping mum about the whole thing.

What do you think? Do you think the cover has been photoshopped?

Flick through for some more pics of Christina and her family… 

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