A new look at the very handsome Christian Grey...

There is nothing like a spoonful of sexy to amp up your morning.

To celebrate the pretend birthday of fictional character and uber-sex-god Christian Grey of the 50 Shades series, producers of the upcoming film have released this first official image of Jamie Dornan on set.

In case you aren’t up to speed, former underwear model Mr. Dornan plays Mr. Grey in the movie.

50 Shades of Yum: This is Jamie Dornan playing a very sexy Christian Grey.

The photo perfectly captures the brooding-but-you-know-you-love-me face fans have come to expect of their Christian Grey. In the books, the corporate Grey meets college graduate Anastasia Steele and is so taken by her charms that before you know it he has suckered her into a life of kinky millionaire dungeon sex. The books were so successful (because HOT) that the movie version began filming in late 2013.

But we're not going to see the first one until February next year.

How long does it take to film what is essentially hot people doing hot things?!

A long time, it would seem.

In the meantime we can all imagine what we would do in that sleek black car (it's an Audi, if we're getting technical) if Mr. Grey was our driver...

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