"Don't judge me but... I want to christen my son so he can have a good future."

Even though I’m not religious.

We are not religious people.

In fact, I shun religion in almost every single aspect.

I don’t attend church, I don’t believe in the teachings of the Bible and to be perfectly honest, I find parts of religion offensive, oppressive and restrictive.

Knowing that, you might find my next statement confusing:

I want to christen my son.

Simply so he can go to a good school.

"I just want a good education for my son. If I have to do this...then why not?"

The school I want my son to go to is a private school with a great deal of funding behind it. The teaching staff are exceptional and dedicated and the school community is fantastic.

And I want my son to have a part in that.

However, in order to get a position in the school, you need to show that you're "a good Christian". Which means, christening your children into the church (to have the paper proof) and raising them in a Christian household.

I'm a good person, and I try hard to live the right way. But I am not a good Christian.

"Oh yeah, I read it all the time."

So. I've decided to lie about my families relationship with God.

The public schools in our area are frankly, not good enough. This might sound snobby, and maybe it is, but providing my kids with the best education I can is paramount, and if I need to lie about our religious beliefs (or lack there of) I'll do it.

I understand that these actions could be seen as  making a mockery of someones religious beliefs and perhaps, the thought of christening our child purely for educational advantage is offensive.

But really, if we don't believe in God, and therefore don't subscribe to the church and it's teachings who is it really hurting?

To us, it's a little bit of water on the head and a ticket into a better education. After the splashing of the water, we have no intention of continuing a Christian upbringing.

There will be no weekly church meetings, and they will never see the inside of a youth group meeting.

Yes, we live by some of the same principles as Christian families, such as kindness, morality and decency, but I won't have them live in fear of condemnation should they fall outside the mould.

So, does it make me a bad person for christening my son, just to get him into a good school?

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