Chrissy Teigen is freaking out and needs your help after an awkward pre-Grammys fail.

It looks like everyone’s best girl pal Chrissy Teigen might need to do a little more prep work before the Grammys on Sunday night.

The model had a bit too much ‘fun’ eating a Fun Dip on Saturday, one day before the award show, and she ended up with green fingers.

The Lip Sync Battle star has called on the people of Twitter for help.

The the Twitterverse responded in the most glorious fashion.



Some Twitter users actually tried to be helpful, with one suggesting that nail polish remover would do the trick and another telling Teigen that Windex would sort out her green, erm, thumbs.

This is not the first time a celebrity has found themselves a bit off colour before a big event.

Last year Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley found herself ‘yellow-faced’, the day before filming, after googling at-home remedies for skin care.

She stumbled upon one that told her rubbing excessive amounts of turmeric in your skin could be good for it.

The actress has posted a fairly self-deprecating video to Instagram explaining the whole saga, admitting she may have gone a tad overboard and taken matters into her own hands when it came down to how liberal she was with its application.

chrissy teigen green fingers

The result? One pain-painstakingly yellow-stained face.

We can't wait to see whether Teigen's green fingers walk the red carpet at the Grammys.