Your celebrity bestie Chrissy Teigen handled her Super Bowl nip-slip in the best way possible.

THIS JUST IN: A female celebrity not only has breasts, but those breasts also have NIPPLES.

I know. Crazy, right?

The world seemed to forget everything it ever knew about female anatomy, because when model Chrissy Teigen suffered a “nip-slip” at the Super Bowl, it made headlines all around the world.

Luckily, Chrissy is the last person ANYONE should mess with in the online world (or in real life, really), and the 31-year-old offered up the perfect response to the “controversy”.

Things you (and Chrissy Teigen) should worry about: Are your nipples in fashun?

When one fan pointed out that you could see her perfectly normal body part through shirt, she re-tweeted the footage to her 3.9 million followers with the caption, “boom goes the dynamite”.

We really shouldn’t be that surprised by Chrissy’s response, because:

a) Chrissy Teigen basically runs social media.

b) It’s just a nipple so… not really that big of a deal.

c) All of the above.

The real story here is that Chrissy appeared to have the BEST TIME EVER during the iconic football match, despite the fact she clearly had NO IDEA what the heck was going on.

(Same, Chrissy, same.)


Proof that you can enjoy ALL THE SPORTS while having zero clue about the rules.

Oh, and being plagued by the hideous disease that is being a female with nipples.


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