Chrissy Teigen has just blown the lid on all things celebrity.

Oh, Chrissy Teigen. If there isn’t a currently reigning Queen of Twitter, we give you the crown. Consider this your coronation.

The model-turned-TV-host has answered a series of fan questions via the site, and we’re loving that she’s totally lifting the curtain on all things celeb.


Are you staring at your ceiling late night wondering if the Illuminati is real? Or how celebrities get paid? Or whether all that celebrity drama is actually real?

Fear not: Chrissy Teigen’s got you covered.

The 30-year-old mum has been answering fan questions with reckless abandon for days, so we’ve collected our favourite answers of the bunch. Don’t say we don’t look after you.

Question: Is celeb drama staged most of the time?


Question: How tense does it get at award shows when the host makes an ill-conceived joke about a celeb who’s in the audience?

Question: What’s the number one perk of being a celebrity?


Question: How many people do you know are part of the Illuminati?


Question: Do famous people have to play along when their celeb friends are in a publicity stunt relationship? Do they get paid too?


Question: Do celebs have like a group chat and when shit happens it’s just like “oh mcSHITTTTT MAN”

Never change, Chrissy. Never change.

Video via Queen Latifah