Why people believe Chrissy Metz called Alison Brie a "b*tch" on the Golden Globes red carpet.


This is awkward.

You see, on Sunday night (LA time), Chrissy Metz appeared on the 2019 Golden Globes Facebook Live pre-show on the red carpet.

The actress, 38, spoke to the hosts about her show This Is Us. They then asked her whether she knew fellow actress Alison Brie.

“Do I know her?” Metz asked as the camera panned over to the other side of the red carpet.

The hosts then asked Metz to introduce them to Brie and then Metz is heard saying what sounds like, “She’s such a bitch”.

It seems that Metz may not have realised she was still mic’d up. Or – you know – she said something completely innocent like, “She’s such a babe”.

Brie, who received her first-ever Globes nomination for best actress in a musical or comedy for her role in GLOW, did not appear to have heard Metz’s comment.

Twitter, of course, immediately had a lot of thoughts and feelings and questions:



Metz was quick to issue a statement on Twitter denying the allegation, in the middle of presenting awards.

“It’s terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated,” she wrote.

“I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart.”

Brie spoke to a reporter on the night, and seemed entirely confused by the drama.

Probably because Metz was misheard in the first place – and there was no shade thrown to begin with.