Chrissie Swan is setting the alarm clock for a disgusting hour. And we couldn't be happier.

She’s BACK, baby.

Chrissie Swan is heading back to breakfast radio.

In case you missed it, the irrepressible, hilarious and just-plain-wonderful Ms Swan was cast into radio Siberia around this time last year, leaving her top rating Mix breakfast show.

She was replaced by comedian Matt Tilley who partnered up with Jane Hall, Chrissie’s radio partner of three years.

Much sadness ensued.  And much wailing in these here offices that an all female radio show was no longer a thing.


The radio hamster wheel has turned again and now, Matt and Jane have been consciously uncoupled and Chrissie is going over to NOVA!

Confused? So are we.  Here is a helpful diagram:


(No I can’t spell Siberia correctly, and yes, I’ve already been told off for my gendered stick figures.)

So, Chrissie was replaced by comedian Matt Tilley. Then, scurrilous rumours have it that Matt and Jane hated each other.  But let’s remember that sleep deprivation can turn anyone into an arse, I suppose, and also there was no Chrissie to shower people with humor and kindness.

The show’s ratings slipped, so the radio bosses were like “we gotta consciously uncouple this shit RIGHT NOW.”

And they did, moving Meshel Laurie, from Nova, over to Mix to co-host with Matt Tilley and then landing Chrissie in her still-warm chair on NOVA.


I spoke to Ms Swan moments after this announcement and she was thrilled to be back, but wouldn’t reveal who the mysterious co-host would be, except to say she’s pretty bloody excited.

“I wouldn’t have gone back if it wasn’t going to be awesome” she said.

“I’ve really missed breakfast radio. When I first left I thought ‘I’m never going to do it again,’ but I miss the talking, the communication, the funny stories. It’s going to be great fun.”

She hadn’t yet spoken to Jane.

“I feel like it only broke ten minutes ago” she said. “The thing is this. It’s a very small industry and I’m friends with all the females and most of the men. So even though all the articles go ‘Radio wars! It’s such a battleground!’, it’s more likely that we’ll all be catching up for a drink.”


Does she feel like it’s a bit sexist? That Matt Tilley gets to coast on through while the females around him are being replaced? She says she hasn’t really thought about it in that way, and it’s more likely a contractual decision. “I think contracts, some are longer than others, and there are all sorts of obligations and stuff.” she said.

The mother of three, who will also be filming a second season of the Channel Ten breakout hit The Great Australian Spelling Bee, says she’s worried how her partner will cope with the morning routine.

“But he’s just gonna have to [do it]. I can help as much as I can. I’ll be doing the lunches the night before, finding the uniforms and having a stern word with the kids: ‘please do what your father tells you in the morning’.”

The popular presenter has signed for two years with NOVA.  That, or until the hamster wheel turns again.

Of course, *cough*, you could ALWAYS in the meantime listen to the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, which has excellent women too. *cough* .