Chrissie Swan calls out the winter style problem "plus size" women face.

Coats to winter are what a pair of thongs are to summer – non-negotiable.

For Chrissie Swan, and many other Aussie women, a decent coat that fits well has proven hard to find.


Why? Because some Aussie retailers don’t cater to anyone above a size 14.

On a day date to her cheese-filled happy place with her partner, Swan pointed out this winter style dilemma.

“Before you all ask I got my ‘Jacket of Wonder and Possibility’ on eBay from America because apparently chubsters like me don’t want to wear the same jackets as everyone else here in Australia,” she wrote on Instagram.

Judging by the just-past-hip length, the handy hood and cosy black puffy panels, the coat looks truly wondrous indeed. Watch: Paula Joye on how to winterise your wardrobe. Post continues after video.


Fans were quick to compliment Swan on her coat and to share their frustrations at the availability (or lack of) ‘plus size’ fashion in Australia.

“I’m so glad you included a reference to the jacket. Don’t you know designers assume we’re like arctic seals and have enough self made insulation,” wrote veryclvr.

“Oh my LORDY do I hear you about fashion here! I too have eyed off a Puffy Jacket of Wonder and Magic in chubby and adorable size,” added another user.

Fortunately another eagle-eyed follower shared a juicy bit of intel – she’d seen a similar jacket in sizes 12-24 stocked by local brand Taking Shape, retailing for $169.95.

We’ve found some more great winter coat options. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Just googled that and you’re right! Hallelujah,” replied Swan.

If you had any doubts about its versatility, Swan has posted numerous snaps wearing the black puffy jacket. (Post continues after gallery.)

Here’s hoping it makes more local stores sit up and take note.

Image: Instagram/@chrissieswan.

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