Chrissie Swan wins our award for Best Logies Preparation.

Tonight is Logies night and while other celebrities are following strict regimens and spending hours prepping for the red carpet, Chrissie Swan is keeping it real.

On Friday night the radio host posted a photo of her dinner to Instagram and it’s possibly the best Friday night meal we’ve ever seen.

The 43-year-old posted the image of a bag of potato gems with the hashtag #LogiesPrep.


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The post comes after a number of Australian celebrities shared snippets of their ‘Logies workout routines’ and awards show diets to social media.

Swan’s followers loved her honest and funny approach to the awards night, with many of them admitting their own love for frozen potato products.

“It’s not Friday night without fried potatoes,” one person commented.

“Good girl, love me some gems.”

“I frickin’ love a good potato gem. They make a great hangover lunch when you can’t deal with going to get hot chips.”

“Damn straight sister, line that stomach.”

“Three words. Potato Gem Nachos. That is all.”

Another pic featured Chrissie waxing her upper lip, with a facial expression that is all of us whenever we get up close and personal with a hot wax strip.


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“Tripped on the edge of the coffee table laughing at this post!!!” one person commented.

“F**k the pre Logies starvation diets and workouts you have it nailed,” added another.

For her final #LogiesPrep post Chrissie added a video of her coffee machine working it’s magic. It’s exactly what every celeb needs before a long night on the red carpet (and the morning after) – a huge cup of strong coffee.


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We love your work, Chrissie. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to frozen section of our local supermarket.

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