The reason Chrissie Swan was crying in the jungle last night is heartbreaking.

And it had nothing to do with bugs and snakes.

It’s been an emotional few weeks for Chrissie Swan. The 41-year-old mother, TV personality, former radio host and one of our very favourite people is currently one of the celebrities on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but it’s been nothing short of a tough ride.

In last night’s episode, Chrissie spoke openly and frankly about her son’s hearing impairment.

Chrissie with Kit on the cover of Women’s Weekly.

Kit, Chrissie’s second child with partner Chris Saville, was two years old when they realised he couldn’t hear.

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“He wasn’t talking, he wasn’t learning to talk,” Chrissie said on the show.

“He wasn’t saying ‘mum’ or anything.”

Doctors later diagnosed Kit with 60 per cent hearing in both ears.

The family spoke to Kit through a form of lip-reading until he underwent corrective surgery, which fixed the problem.

Chrissie described it as “amazing”.

“He wasn’t talking, he wasn’t learning to talk,” Chrissie said on the show.

“When he came out of surgery… it was amazing because we just got used to him not hearing us at all. He was always lip-reading and we didn’t realise,” she said.

“He was laying on me when he came out and I said something to me and he looked up at me and could hear it. It was amazing.

“I said to Chris ‘oh my God, he can hear me — he can hear what I’m saying!’”

What a beautiful moment, Chrissie. We’re so happy for you and your family.

I’m a Celebrity airs Sunday through Thursday on Channel 10.