Superhero stars visit kids charity after bet. The pics melt the internet's cold heart.

It was a football bet of inter-galactic proportions: Starlord vs Captain America. And it landed them both in a Boston children’s charity.

You can rely on Chris Pratt to follow through on a bet. Especially when it involves him dressing up as his superhero alter-ego, Starlord (from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy).

This is probably close to the look on Pratt’s face when he realised his team had lost the NFL.

Pratt and fellow-superhero actor Chris Evans (Captain America from The Avengers) placed a bet on the recently held Superbowl. And today, as the loser, Pratt donned an outfit visited Christopher’s Haven – an organisation just outside Boston that provides a home for families of children being treated for cancer.

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Pratt, who managed to get Evans along with him, came good on his promise with fantastic spirit and enthusiasm, tweeting the following:

“Made good on that #‎twitterbowl‬ bet! Starlord is proud to be in Boston today at #Christopher’s Haven with Chris Evans and some awesome families. ‪#‎12thMan‬” 

The photos are fantastic – check out the pair visiting Christopher’s Haven. Post continues after gallery.

Later that day Evans tweeted that he too was going to follow through on the bet (even though he technically won…):

And, despite winning the bet, 33-year-old Avengers star Evans promised he would still be visiting Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America.

Check out some more of Chris Pratt and Chris Evan’s antics in the following video on the fine art of photobombing.