The trailer for Chris Lilley's new Netflix show has dropped and it's already divided fans.


Chris Lilley wears many hats.

In 2007, Australia was introduced to Jonah Takalua from Summer Heights High.

Then, in 2013, he captured the life of private school girls around the country as Ja’mie.

Five years on, Chris Lilley has turned away from his infamous stage personalities to star as six eccentric new characters in a Netflix original called Lunatics.

Watch the trailer for Lunatic on Netflix. Post continues after video. 

Exploring the worlds of a real estate agent, a pet psychologist to the stars, a budding museum owner, the future Earl of Gayhurst, an arts and crafts influencer, and a fashion designer with a ‘sexuality disorder’, Chris Lilley is adding six hats to his list of notable personas.

The official synopsis of the plot says “as eccentric and odd as [all the characters] all are, they are scarily recognisable types and they teach us that it’s OK to just be you.”

While we’re having a tough time identifying with… any of the characters, the trailer is still hilarious.

And many fans of the Sydney-born comedian have taken to Twitter to express their excitement.




However others have accused the 44-year-old of black face and cultural appropriation on the back of his portrayal of the pet psychologist.



The Queensland filmed mockumentary is Chris Lilley’s first return to the screen since the 2014 ABC series Jonah From Tonga. 

The ten part series Lunatics will drop on Netflix on April 19.