Chris Brown grilled for buying his three-year-old daughter a monkey for Christmas.

Chris Brown has been slammed by fans for his choice of Christmas present for his three year-old daughter.

While most parents get their children a cat or a dog, Brown went for something a little more exotic.

The singer uploaded a video to Instagram of daughter Royalty, who he has with ex Nia Guzman, playing with a monkey. It’s since been viewed over three million times.

The monkey, identified as a baby marmoset, was wrapped in a blanket and wearing a nappy.

“Is this your baby? Is that your baby. She’s going to be bigger than you!” the rapper can be heard saying.

But while Royalty looked to be loving her gift, many of Brown’s fans were not and took to the comments to slam the singer.

“This is so so sad ???????????????? and plain WRONG at so many levels!,” one wrote.

“Who the hell do you think you are?! That monkey is not yours to keep, their wild and can even be dangerous,” another added.

Singer Chris Brown. Image: Instagram

"So many uneducated followers you have! Followers who think this is cute!! This is atrocious and should be ILLEGAL! Your followers are all like sheep, why don’t you promote animal kindness, not animal cruelty!," another angry fan wrote.

Experts widely condemn private ownership of primates. In 2016, primatologist Ben Garrod wrote for The Guardian:

"I have worked with chimpanzees in Africa, orangutans in Indonesia and green monkeys in the Caribbean. I love primates and have dedicated years to working with them, but there is not a chance I would want one as a pet."

Sadly, Garrod writes, bringing a monkey into the family home will inevitably cause issues for all concerned as most are "owned by individuals with nothing more than good intentions and the misguided desire to own a 'cool' pet". Because of this, he, and many of his colleagues, support a ban on primate pet shopping altogether.

"Whereas dogs and cats have been specially bred for generations as pets – to a point where we have selected specific behavioural and physical traits that make them perfect companions – most primates bred as pets are only the result of two or three generations in captivity and are, in most respects, still wild and untamed animals," Garrod explained.

"... [We need] to protect the needs and welfare of these highly intelligent, though difficult to keep, wild animals."

Brown did not respond to any of the criticism.

What do you think, is Chris Brown negligent for bringing a wild animal into the home?