Chris and Liam Hemsworth are having a very brotherly Instagram feud.

If you’ve got brothers or sisters, sibling rivalry is just another part of daily life. But your situation probably doesn’t involve fancy magazine covers and millions of Instagram followers.

Yes, the brotherly love rivalry between Chris and Liam Hemsworth has just reached a new, kindergarten-esque level. We’re not complaining.


In the left corner, we’ve got Chris Hemsworth, 32. He started the fight when he unleashed his artistic talents on Liam’s Men’s Health cover a few weeks ago.

The 'gram that started it all. Image: Instagram (@chrishemsworth)


After drawing on cauliflower ears, spiky hair and a monobrow (which, to be honest, Liam somehow manages to pull off) he shared the image to Instagram tagging his brother. His efforts were awarded with 95,000 likes.

(WATCH: Liam Hemsworth talks about his brother's sexiest man of the year award. Post continues after video.)

In the right corner we've got younger brother Liam who was definitely not going to go down without a fight.

Raising doubt about who the real artist in the family is, he retaliated by giving Chris' latest Vanity Fair cover a hairy update with the caption: "Really great cover bro!".

Image: Instagram (@liamhemsworth)


Touché. (Post continues after gallery.)

It's been up for less than 24 hours and is already sitting on 167,000 likes.

We guess that's a win for Liam?

What's the funniest battle you've had with a sibling?