It's official: There's a Block baby on the way.

One of The Block couples are taking on an exciting new project.

They’ve been open about wanting to start a family, and now The Block‘s Chris, 25 and Jenna, 27, have revealed they are expecting their first child.

And what’s even more surprising, is they’ve been keeping their pregnancy joy a secret. Chris and Jenna were set to make their big announcement during the shock finale of the The Block, but given the early stages of the pregnancy, decided to withhold the news. 

Chris and a pregnant Jenna. (Via ChrisandJennaBlock Instagram)

"We had a few opportunities to announce it on the night, and we kind of wanted to because the auction was really sad this year, but it was still really early and Jen hadn’t reached the 12-week mark so we didn’t want to risk it. We told the other contestants once the cameras turned off and they were so stoked for us!” Chris told Woman's Day.

Chris and Jenna in Fiji. (Via ChrisandJennaBlock Instagram)

The couple found out the exciting news back in September on Father's Day, during the final weeks of filming. Jenna explained, "We came home on Father's Day and I was feeling a bit weird so I took a pregnancy test. I walked over to Chris holding the test in my hand and I was like 'Happy Father's Day, you're going to be a dad.'"

Chris and Jenna in Fiji. (Via ChrisandJennaBlock Instagram)

The reality TV couple previously explained they would spend a part of their $310,000 winnings from the show, to start a family.  “We were ready to have kids before The Block, but when we made it on the show, we couldn’t turn it down,”  the couple said.

Chris and Jenna in Fiji. (Via ChrisandJennaBlock Instagram)

The pair have just come home from Fiji where the celebrated their "babymoon" and are now preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Congratulations Chris and Jenna!

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