Push it, push it real good. Like Zoe Foster Blake.

We’ll help you find a pram.

“Sometimes you just want someone to tell you which pram to get.” – Thank you Zotheysay for those wise words.

Zoe Foster Blake is our favourite mum who always seems to be hiking or going on some adventure with her little son, Sonny. We are in awe of her and wonder how she gets around and jet sets everywhere with a baby and TWO prams in tow.

So when the 33-year-old decided to share her pram finding advice, we were intrigued (you should be too) because now we’re going to pass on her pramming wisdom to you guys.

On her blog Foster Blake tells us that when initially hunting for a pram she got so much advice from friends and relatives that she got completely overwhelmed at the thought of buying any of them.

Zoe's son, Sonny in his pram.

So she decided to tackle the shops and hunt around for the perfect pram herself, only to find that every pram had great features and according to all the shop assistants every pram was amazing. And as Zoe admits - the shop assistants weren't wrong - most prams these days are pretty good. But it's about what's the best pram for you, right?

Zoe says on her blog, "Friends of mine just bought the Bugaboo Donkey cos they figure they know they’re having a second baby eventually, why not just cut to the chase? Other friends are mad runners and went for big Mountain Buggy three-wheeler all terrain beast. Others still wanted something tiny and manoeuvrable for their tiny apartment so went for the Stokke."

Each of these seem like obvious choices to the outsider, but Zoe found the decision harder than most because she has such a mix of lives. She's an urban woman on a daily basis but hits the road a lot - she's very well travelled.

Her other big problem was the amount of stairs she has to tackle between where she parks her car and where the back door is. It's not an ideal safety situation in the rain or with her post-birth injury.


"And so it transpired that we have two prams*," Foster Blake says on her blog.

So she bought two - one for the urban life and one for her travel life. She loves them both equally she writes, but also admits there's some major difference between the two - like the price.

Hamish Blake with Sonny in his pram.

In the end Zoe Foster Blake went with The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 because it's, "such a good looking pram. Total hunk... The bassinet, which essentially became Sonny’s daytime bed for the first few months of his life, is magnificent. (His cot was upstairs. Too hard. Too lazy.)," she says on her Zotheysay blog.

The other pram she got (for her more adventurous life) was The Baby Jogger City Mini GT. "A slick, very compact three-wheeler. Compact is the key word. Cos some three-wheelers are massive. Lovely range of ‘seasonal’ colours. I got the earthy tones of sand stone, above," Zoe said of the pram on her blog.

So if you're looking for a pram and need a little help whittling down your choices just say a big thanks to Zoe Foster Blake.

And hey, you don't have to have two prams. We're pretty sure most mums only have one.

Are we right? Do you have more than one?

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