Need help choosing a baby name? The Tinder for baby names is here.

Do you remember being pregnant and pouring over baby name lists on the internet, searching through name dictionary apps, desperately searching for the perfect name for your soon to arrive perfect baby?

And do you remember talking at length with your partner about what names you preferred and what names they preferred?

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For some of us, the discussion of baby names can become something akin to bilateral trade negotiations between world super powers. Imagine China and the US trying to work out import tariff arrangements, then double it, and then you have some idea of the level of diplomacy it took for my husband and I to negotiate our daughter’s name.

(For reference, in case any mothers-to-be are in a similar situation, I started with an ambit claim, the name Beatrix, figuring that we’d end up negotiating something closer to what I wanted if he thought I was starting from a pretty fair out position. You should try it too.

NB: If he’d agreed to Beatrix I would have been over the moon. GORGEOUS name.)

But now, your baby name/trade deal negotiations can be handled in a snap.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you BabyName. The Tinder of baby name apps, helping you find a baby name together.

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The way it works is you and your partner get the app and link your accounts. Then you can both happily swipe left and right on baby name options until you find your match.

It’s just like online dating, except you won’t go on any awkward blind dates, or have any awkward get-to-know you conversations, or have any awkward picture exchanges. Actually. It’s nothing like online dating. You just get the fun of swiping.

Clare Stephens, The Motherish’s Site Producer and I had a go at it. I swiped yes on classic gorgeous names like Evie, Jocelyn, Hannah and Sophie. Clare swiped yes on Zoe, Lily, Lucy and Charlotte. (Clare and I have quite similar taste in baby names, it seems.)

The perfect name for the perfect imaginary baby Clare and I are having.

So there you have it. Clare and I are proud to announce that we're having an imaginary baby girl and that we will be naming her Lucy Evie Gagnon-Stephens. She could be Prime Minister (of Canada) with a name like that.