Found: The ideal post-workout drink for your body.

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A team of scientists have developed what they believe to be the best post-workout beverage.

Using advice from specialists in athletics and nutrition, a team at Cornell University have named a formulation very close to humble chocolate milk as being the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to post-workout recovery drinks. Excuse us while we go and happy dance.

Provided the milk is low fat, the team have stated that drinks like chocolate milk consumed after a workout are actually far more beneficial than any protein powder or beverage on the market for muscle recovery. (Post continues after gallery.)

Personal trainer and health coach Kirsty Welsh says that protein is important to both men and women regardless of whether they’re working out or not:

“Protein keeps out bodies functioning. We need it daily. What happens when we work out is that we develop micro tears in the muscles which repair and help us get stronger.”

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Kirsty explains that a lot of women avoid protein-based products because they worry about “bulking up”, but this isn’t actually the case. “On a normal day we should be consuming about 0.8gm of protein per kilo of body weight, so for a woman of say, 60kgs, you’re looking at about 48gm of protein. On days that you work out it should be more.”

The increase in protein on workout days differs depending on the intensity of the activity.

“Strength work creates more break down of the muscle so you require more protein to build it back up. The range is between 1.4gm to 2.0gm for both men and women on high intensity days,” Kirsty says.

Chocolate milk could be the best thing for you post work-out. Image: istock

The idea is actually nothing new. Back in 2006, scientists from Indiana University in the US found that chocolate milk far outperformed well-known sports drinks when it came to assisting athletes after competing or working out.

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While it might sound like great news for chocolate loving gym bunnies, we should also be looking to other options when it comes to our post gym beverages. "I understand the appeal of chocolate milk-based drinks. We all have a preference for flavour but the health coach in me wonders whether you should look to more natural products for flavouring".

We'll leave what you drink up to you...