ROADTEST: "My 3 tweens (who like a say on EVERYTHING) gave their honest reviews on the new Chobani Minis."

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There are many things that happen as a child transitions to a tween.       

Having an opinion (and voicing it) is just one milestone. I should know. Right now, I am parenting three tweens and a pre-schooler, so I am all too familiar with having their views ‘shared’, or rather thrust upon me!

Ask any parent of multiple children what they might struggle with, and they are bound to say keeping them all happy at the same time. And this could not be truer when it comes to feeding them. 

It is almost impossible for me to serve up a dinner that each of my four children enjoy. 

Even the humble potato polarises them: one likes it mashed, another prefers it roasted, and the youngest member will only eat if it’s sold as a “chip” (and fried accordingly).

Household snacks are no exception. Finding suitable (and nutritious) snacks that they each enjoy is an epic challenge. 

They question everything, particularly what goes in their school lunchboxes. And so, I was both curious and a little dubious, when I saw the new Chobani Minis. 

Having attempted authentic Greek yoghurt in the past (with limited success) I wondered if the Chobani Minis would pack enough flavour to impress my own minis, particularly my hard-to-impress tweens. Here’s how they went down.


Miss 9

Miss 9 absolutely loved them. She devoured her pot with the same speed she devours ice-cream. 

So, it didn’t get longevity points, and she asked for another as soon as she’d finished the first. 

“I have to try each flavour to give it my full review,” she said. 

Image: Supplied.

Miss 9 was also hugely enthusiastic about the little spoon, hidden under the lid. Such delight... from a spoon. She especially loved mixing the fruit (which sits at the bottom of the pot) and watching the marbling effect as it changed colour. 

They do say, eating is a visual experience.

Image: Supplied.


Miss 10

Miss 10 is probably the hardest to please in our family when it comes to snacks. The snack critic.

She calls herself “discerning”, although I have another word for it. I mean, good judgement? She doesn’t even like fruit.

And although she protested initially, she agreed to try the blueberry, and then had to eat “humble (pot) pie”. 

“I didn’t even know I liked yoghurt,” she declared. 

I think it was the plump blueberries that won her over. A sweet success (particularly for me watching on with I-told-you-so written on my face).

Image: Supplied.

Miss 12

Miss 12 dances A LOT.


She has 18 hours of dance classes a week, and then she also loves to do her own training when she's at home. She burns through energy and so the appeal of the Chobani Minis was the protein intake.

Image: Supplied. 

I struggle to find snacks that have sufficient protein, and as a working mum of four kids, I don’t have the time (or inclination, to be honest) to be making protein balls or handmade snacks.  

Miss 12 loved the variety of flavours and the energy source. Few words were needed to sum up her praise. “So yummy.”  

The Chobani Minis are the ultimate snack to keep those pirouettes on track.

Image: Supplied.


The Chobani Minis come in the following tasty flavours: Red Riot, Pink Punch, Blue Wahoo, and Hello Yellow (how fun are the names?) 

They are not only packed with flavour, but they are packed with protein, too. There is 7g of it in each pot. This is a big win as my girls enjoy plenty of activities where they're moving (dance, gymnastics, and tennis) and I need snacks to fill their bellies and give a sustained source of energy. 

Plus, I love the pots for their convenience and portability. So simple, but a lid! That can be put back on! YES. Chobani Minis now come in pouches too. With 8g of protein in each pouch, there's now Orange Blast and Groovy Green flavours to add to the list of flavours to try.

My girls loved the packaging of the Chobani Minis pots too, which are colourful and fun. 

Image: Supplied.

Not only did they enjoy the taste, but they were impressed it was good for them. 


These authentically strained Greek yoghurt pots also are a good source of calcium and contain no artificial colours or flavours. 

The Chobani Minis incredibly got the tick of approval from my three tweens. Not an easy feat.

And a fourth tick from possibly the fussiest critic of all under this roof, Miss A-Quarter-To-Five (her words, lol). And no surprises that her favourite flavour was Pink Punch, because…well, pink is her world.

Image: Supplied.

The Chobani Minis most definitely deliver in taste and in nutrition. 

They are healthy, convenient and tween friendly. The trifecta, really. Give them a go, your young ones will love how good they taste.

Disclaimer: I may even have done a “happy dance” when 4 out of 4 kids enjoyed the Chobani Minis. 

Which, given how hard it is to please them all, is entirely appropriate, don’t you think?

With at least 7g of protein, a source of calcium and no artificial colours or flavours, Chobani Minis are deliciously good for kids (but let's keep that between us). Available now at Coles.

Feature Image: Supplied/Instagram @girls.thriving

With at least 7g of protein, a source of calcium and no artificial colours or flavours, Chobani Minis are deliciously good for them (but let’s keep that between us).