Everyone's talking about the mysterious case of Chloe Shorten's vanishing necklace.

With all this talk about female fashion in a week that should be saturated by political analysis, who’d have thought a budget was delivered on Tuesday and a budget reply on Thursday?

Right now, Australia is awash with talk about the mysterious case of Chloe Shorten’s runaway necklace during Thursday night’s budget reply.

Shorten, the wife of Opposition leader Bill and a communications specialist and author in her own right, sat in the wings of parliament, her presence alone a sign of support for the Labor party as husband Bill delivered hotly-anticipated response.

But forget about her qualifications – haven’t you heard? Chloe Shorten is glamorous! (As so thoughtfully and appropriately pointed out by more than one news outlet.)

Her triple-layered choker-like necklace sat on her neck for the majority of Mr Shorten’s address, before disappearing with no word as to WHY. Cue: suspicion from the suspicious.

Shocked politicians and journalists alike bid a very big cya to the Opposition Leader’s speech and began busying themselves with chatter as to what could possibly have transpired. Who cares about the NDIS and how we’re going to fund the next generation’s education – there are missing necklaces to find!

Did a little puppy bust into parliament and steal it from her neck, taking it for himself?


Did the Libs steal it and sell it for extra cash for the budget?

Did her body just absorb it?

Did it just become at one with her jacket?

Did she toss it into the crowd as a post-budget reply prezzie? Like a modern day throwing of the wedding bouquet? (“First one to catch is the next one to become first lady of the opposition!”)

Was it one of those candy necklaces that she just nibbled at throughout the night?

Chloe Shorten on how to blend a family, with Mia Freedman. Post continues after video…

Or, you know, did the clasp just break because it’s nowhere near as expensive as we would like to think? Apparently so, as Shorten’s office told the Herald Sun on Thursday night.

In fact, Ms Shorten’s “glamorous” jewels cost about $25 and were bought from Lovisa from Highpoint in Melbourne, the Herald Sun reports.

Who’d have thought cheap necklaces break from time to time?

Thank god we have eagle-eyed souls working to make sure the big issues aren’t ignored during budget week.