We've uncovered the whereabouts of Chloe Shorten's necklace.

So, last night the Leader of the Opposition delivered a little thing called the budget reply speech, but this morning his lofty talk of millionaires and a levy on Medicare were quickly eclipsed by the mystery of his wife Chloe’s missing necklace.

Somewhere between Bill Shorten spouting some rousing words on education and his parting vision for the nation, the author and corporate affairs specialist’s triple-layer choker went walkabout and everyone lost their minds.


Earlier today we speculated a little puppy may have pulled it from her neck after sneaking through the chairs of parliament and, look, in actual fact, we weren't that far off.

One of our core values here at Mamamia is "Bring your sparkle". It's written on our toilet doors and permeates our office life at every level, every day - from our publisher Mia Freedman's golden bum bag to the scruffy little dog who lives beneath her desk.

Anyway, the point is, it seems that little dog (his name is Harry) took the mantra too much to heart and, bless him, may have channeled his inner bower bird last night.

Ow, Harry. Incorrigible! Source: Instagram

Harry, in fact, is to blame for this whole debacle.

Anyway, the mystery's been solved. And the necklace is here in our office should anyone wish to collect it.

That said, Chloe could just as easily pick up a new one at Highpoint's Lovisa for 20 bucks, which is apparently where the last one came from.

If you would like to own the infamous necklace, please tell us why in the comments section with your email. We will be sending Chloe Shorten's precious accessory to a loving Mamamia reader.

Because what good would this story be without spreading the sparkle a little bit, right?


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